Bingo Calls

Bingo Calls

Bingo has long been known for being an extremely exciting game. The ultimate goal is to match all of the numbers on your card and shout “Bingo!’.

However, there are a lot of different bingo sites out there that will have different names for each specific number that gets called out. The terminology that will usually be used is that a player gets a full house when they have matched every number on their cards.

Some of the bingo calls that you will come across might even seem quite strange when you first hear them. There will normally be an announcer making each and every call as the numbers are drawn out of the pot.

How Many Calls Can You Expect in a Given Bingo Game?

The number of calls that you will see during the course of the game is going to largely be based on what bingo variant you are playing. For example, a 90-Ball bingo game will have a total of 90 balls and it will take the longest on average for a player to get a full house. Therefore, you will hear more calls than you would if playing a 30-Ball game.

bingo terms

When it comes to online bingo, there are going to be a lot of different terminologies that you come across. While some sites will stick to the traditional names, others like to spice matters up and bring something different to the table.

Sometimes you will come across announcers that use different names for given bingo calls. These are slang terms that can make the commentary a bit more interesting than simply calling out the number.

Some of the bingo calls will be based on rhymes, while others simply relate to the shape of the number. Others relate to historical references, while some are just classic bingo calls.

Here is a look at what you can expect when different calls are made and you are a player in the UK:

1: Kelly’s Eye
2: One Little Duck
3:Cup of Tea
4: Knock at the Door
5: Man Alive
6: Tom Mix
7: Lucky Seven
8: Garden Gate
9: Doctor’s Orders
10: Cameron’s Den
11: Legs 11
12: One Dozen
13: Unlucky for Some
14: Valentine’s Day
15: Young and Keen
16: Sweet 16
17: Dancing Queen
18: Coming of Age
19: Goodbye Teens
20: One Score
21: Royal Salute
22: Two Little Ducks
23: Thee and Me
24: Two Dozen
25: Duck and Dive
26: Pick and Mix
27: Gateway to Heaven
28: Over Weight
29: Rise and Shine
30: Dirty Gertie
31: Get Up and Run
32: Buckle My Shoe
33: Dirty Knee
34: Ask for More
35: Jump and Jive
36: Three Dozen
37: More than 11
38: Christmas Cake
39: Steps
40: Naughty 40
41: Time for Fun
42: Winnie the Pooh
43: Down on Your Knees
44: Droopy Drawers
45: Halfway There
46: Up to Tricks
47: Four and Seven
48: Four Dozen
49: PC
50: Half a Century
51: Tweak of the Thumb
52: Danny La Rue
53: Stuck in the Tree
54: Clean the Floor
55: Snakes Alive
56: Was She Worth It?
57: Heinz Varieties
58: Make Them Wait
59: Brighton Line
60: Five Dozen
61: Bakers Bun
62: Turn the Screw
63: Tickle Me 63
64: Red Raw
65: Old Age Pension
66: Clickety Click
67: Made in Heaven
68: Saving Grace
69: Either Way Up
70: Three Score and 10
71: Bang on the Drum
72: Six Dozen
73: Queen B
74: Candy Store
75: Strive and Strive
76: Trombones
77: Sunset Strip
78: Heaven’s Gate
79: One More Time
80: Eight and Blank
81: Stop and Run
82: Straight On Through
83: Time for Tea
84: Seven Dozen
85: Staying Alive
86: Between the Sticks
87: Torquay in Devon
88: Two Fat Ladies
89: Nearly There
90: Top of the Shop


As you can see, using different call names can add something a bit fun to proceedings. A lot of the names will get you thinking rather than just hearing one generic number after another being called out. Not every bingo site will use these different types of call names if you are not into this sort of thing.

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