Bingo Jackpots Explained

Bingo Jackpots Explained

There are a lot of different online bingo games that you will come across in this day and age. In the past, when you were going to a physical bingo ball you would have to settle for whatever game was being played that day. Now you have plenty of choices of games that put twists on classic games, as well as innovative new titles.

One of the features that cause a lot of excitement with the online bingo experience is the introduction of jackpots. These features put you in with a chance of getting your hands on a potentially lucrative sum. This article will look at all of the core aspects of jackpots in online bingo games.

Different Types of Bingo Jackpots Explained

When you come across online bingo sites that offer titles that have jackpot elements some of these will be of differing types. Some of these jackpots will be community-based, while others will be individually won. Here are some of the popular types of bingo jackpots you will come across:

1. Fixed Jackpots

Perhaps the standard type of bingo jackpot that you will come across is one that will be fixed at a certain amount. No matter how many players are in a given game, the jackpot size will always be the same. It will always be paid out in a specific manner, depending on the game rules.

For example, some games will require you to get a full house inside of a number of calls, while others might just need you to get a certain pattern of matched numbers. While the way in which you win the fixed jackpot can differ, the sum won’t change from game to game.

2. Progressive Jackpots

In the world of online casino games, progressive jackpots are highly sought after. This is because they can lead to life-changing wins. In the online slots space, people have won more than ten million pounds through progressive jackpot slots. If an online bingo game has a progressive jackpot, it will usually not be that big, but will still be significantly sized in most cases.

Every time you buy a ticket for a game that contains a progressive jackpot, a portion of your ticket price will be going towards building the jackpot. The top prize will keep building higher and higher until it has been won. If there is a winner, the jackpot will then revert back to a certain base-level from which it will start building once more.

In order to win a progressive jackpot in a bingo game, you will normally need to get a full house on your card in a certain amount of calls.

3. Sliding Jackpot

A sliding jackpot will be rarely seen with online bingo games, but you will come across one occasionally. This sees the jackpot is quite large at the beginning of the game, but it will decrease as the game goes on. Therefore, the longer it takes a player in the game to meet the requirements of the jackpot, the smaller the prize is going to be.

4. Community Jackpot

Sometimes, the online bingo games that have jackpot elements will see the main prize being shared among all of the players in the game if someone wins it. Therefore, you will have more chances to get in on the action if a community jackpot is in effect. Normally, each player in that given game will get an equal share of the winnings. Sometimes, a portion of the prize will also go towards charity.

Summing Up: Bingo Jackpots Explained

As you can see, there is plenty to enjoy when it comes to jackpot elements of online bingo titles. They put you in with a chance of winning lucrative sums, as well as bringing more excitement to the table.

With each game that you play with these features, you are going to be hoping that you can hit the requirements to win the jackpot. Thankfully, this is becoming more and more common as a feature on online bingo sites that cater to UK players.

To check out the online bingo platforms that have the best jackpot options, you can read the objective and unbiased reviews.

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