Is a Social Casino the Same as a Real Casino?

Is a Social Casino the Same as a Real Casino?

In online gambling, a new trend called ‘social casinos' is dominating the online space. But what exactly is ‘social casino', and how do they compare to traditional online casinos?

Social casinos introduce a new way for players to interact with their favourite casino games. They feature free-to-play casino games where people use virtual currency to bet on games without the risk of losing real money.

Social casinos also introduce an element previously missing from traditional online gambling: social interaction. Most social casinos, like Huuuge Casino, offer interactive options such as chat, groups, communities, and more, where people can engage with each other whilst playing.

What is a Social Casino?

Simply put, a social casino is an online platform where players can enjoy their favourite casino-style games without the risk of losing money. Upon signing up, players receive free tokens (virtual currency) to play games completely free.

On one hand, we have a free-to-play model using virtual currency, and on the other, traditional casino games where you have to deposit real money.

This presents a significant difference between the two gaming models. Let’s dive a bit further to explore whether the risk and social factors are the only differences.

Social casinos also appear in places where traditional online casinos can't operate, like social media platforms.

Because they don't require real money deposits, social casinos can be considered video games, meaning there are significantly fewer restrictions—if any—and they are usually not governed by any law.

Another important aspect of social casinos is the social interaction features that enhance the overall experience. Players can engage with friends through chat, send gifts, join clubs, and participate in community discussions.

This fosters a sense of community, one of the defining features of social casinos.

How do social casinos make money?

Whilst social casinos don’t require deposits to play, they do offer in-game purchases, which is their primary method of monetisation.

👉 These can range from cosmetics to special gifts, items, tournaments, and events, and some even allow the purchase of more virtual tokens using real money.

The ability to purchase virtual tokens with real money brings this niche much closer to traditional online gambling. However, it is not required in order to play.

The traditional casino experience

In contrast, real-world casinos and online casinos require you to deposit money to play. But with that, you get the opportunity to win money, which is not the case with social casinos.

Real casinos require players to be physically present at a designated location. Traditional online games allow us to play our favourite casino games but with a certain risk of losing money.

Another important difference is in social interaction. Physical casinos are where the excitement happens, allowing you to meet new people and enhance your overall experience. However, online casinos often neglect the social interaction feature.

The main focus of online casino gameplay is on the game itself, with limited options for chatting with other people.

Real casinos are governed by law and must follow specific rules and obligations. They are subject to lots of tests by regulatory bodies that ensure the fairness of the games, operating under strict regulations that govern gambling activities to ensure fairness, security, and responsible gaming practices.

On the other hand, social casinos are not impacted by the law as much, and the algorithms and probabilities in certain games can vary. In my experience, social casinos tend to hand out more frequent wins because it’s all about the experience and excitement of winning.

For example, we made an account at a social casino completely for free, and within the first 10 spins won a $1.2 million jackpot (in fictional currency, of course). The chances of winning such a jackpot in a real-world casino range from 1 in 5000 to 1 in about 34 million.

In contrast to social casinos, real casinos involve the actual wagering of money, with the potential for substantial wins or losses.

Key differences between social and real casinos

Monetary aspect

  • Social Casino: No real money is involved; players use virtual currency or credits.
  • Real Casino: Involves actual monetary transactions, with the potential for significant financial gains or losses.

Social interaction

  • Social Casino: Emphasises social interaction, allowing players to connect with friends and participate in community events.
  • Real Casino: Whilst social interaction occurs, the focus is primarily on the gambling experience and entertainment.
  • Social Casino: Operates in a less regulated environment due to the absence of real money gambling.
  • Real Casino: Subject to strict regulations and oversight to ensure compliance with gambling laws and standards.

Risk and reward

  • Social Casino: Offers entertainment without financial risk, suitable for casual players seeking fun and social engagement.
  • Real Casino: Involves real financial risk and potential rewards, appealing to those looking for a gambling experience with the chance to win money.

Social casinos are online platforms offering free-to-play casino games using virtual currency, focusing on social interaction without the risk of losing real money.

In contrast, real casinos require monetary deposits, involve potential financial gain or loss, and are subject to strict regulations and legal oversight.

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