German Bundesliga 2: A Guide to Betting

German Bundesliga 2: A Guide to Betting

The German Bundesliga 2 is the second-tier of league football in Germany. It is below the Bundesliga in the hierarchy and ahead of the German Bundesliga 3.

Every single one of the teams that takes part in the German Bundesliga 2 each season will automatically gain entry into the German cup competition that takes place with the leading clubs every year.

Since the German Bundesliga 2 was created back in 1974, there have been 127 different teams that have taken part in this league.

The history of the German Bundesliga 2

It was in 1973 that there was a decision made to make the German Bundesliga 2 the second-tier professional league in Germany. This took over from a previous competition that was in place from 1963 up until 1974.

With the original German Bundesliga 2, there was a division for Southern teams and one for Northern teams. Each of these sections had 20 teams. Whichever team came out on top in these respective groups would then gain promotion up into the Bundesliga.

The two teams that came in second place in these respective groups would then play each other in a two-leg play-off to decide the third and final team that would get promoted up to the premier tier of league football in the nation.

In both of the groups, the four teams that were at the bottom of the table would get relegated.

It was in 1981 that the format of the German Bundesliga 2 changed. This saw the two groups being replaced by a single division that had 20 teams. This format saw the top two teams get automatic promotion. There would then be a play-off between the team in 3rd place against the team that came 16th in the Bundesliga.

Following the reunification of Germany, there was a new competition and format established as part of the German Bundesliga 2. Beginning in the 1992/1993 season, there were 24 teams taking part in and the format changed a number of times in the intervening years.

The current format

In the current format of the German Bundesliga 2, there are two teams that get automatic promotion up into the Bundesliga. Then there will be a play-off taking place between the team that finishes in 3rd place against the team that finishes in 16th place in the Bundesliga to decide what happens.

The same type of play-off takes place at the other end of the table to decide who gets relegated from the German Bundesliga 2 in addition to the bottom two teams that get automatically relegated.

Rules and Regulations

While there previously was a rule in place that put a limit on how many non-EU players could take part, this rule is no longer in place. However, there is a rule that states that a team will need to have at least eight players in the squad who have been developed via a German club’s youth system.

Of these players, four of them need to have come through that given club’s youth system. This is to ensure that younger German players are continually developed and given the chance to improve their skill sets in the German Bundesliga 2.


As the German Bundesliga 2 is the second biggest league competition in Germany, it is an ideal platform for young players to show off what they are made of.

Then there are older players who may be desperate to get seen by one of the teams from the Bundesliga. This hunger creates exciting games where nothing is held back. You always have plenty of action, which is ideal from a bettor’s point of view.

You will have access to the betting markets on all games from most leading bookmakers. This includes a wide range of different markets, allowing you to potentially spot an opportunity that others have passed over.

You can find the highlights of the German Bundesliga 2 games online as well as viewing the games live on a number of different television networks. This allows you to keep an eye on the progress of your bets, as well as helping you to spot potential opportunities that you can take advantage of and profit out of. Bet now at

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