Indian Super League Betting

Indian Super League Betting

The Indian Super League is the main professional football league in the country, with the league in its current form starting in 2013. It is the premium league competition along with the I-League. It is always a hotly contested competition each year, with a playoff series in the postseason being very exciting.

Indian Super League Betting

There are ten teams that make up the Indian Super League, with the season usually beginning in October and lasting until March. There are 18 matches in total as part of the regular league seasons, with each team playing each other at home and away. The four highest finishing teams in the league will then go into a playoff series.

The winner of this playoff will then meet the winner of the I-League in the ISL Final to see which club team will be crowned as champion of Indian league football for that given season.

Unlike most domestic football leagues across the world, there is no relegation or promotion system as part of the Indian Super League. Therefore, the aim is to gradually grow through expansion like the MLS in the United States. The teams that take part in the Indian Super League can get entry into the qualification rounds of the continental competitions in Asia, like the AFC Cup and the AFC Champions League.

From the 2021 season, teams in the Indian Super League will be able to qualify directly into the group stage of the AFC Champions League group stakes. This is part of the expansion of the group stages to include 40 teams rather than the current 32 teams.

As part of the playoffs, the games are played over two legs with each game being at the respective home venues of the participating teams. The team with the best aggregate score at the end of the two games will then progress. If there is a tie, the away goal rule will be used. The final is a single game that takes place at a neutral venue.

History of the League

The competition officially started in October 2013 with the idea behind the structure as being a way to grow the game across the nation. The first time the league took place was in October 2014 when eight teams competed. For the initial three years of the league taking place, the Asian Football Confederation did not officially recognize it.

It was in time for the 2017/2018 season that the season was extended to include ten teams and the schedule was increased from three months to six months. This is the point at which the Asian football governing body officially recognized the league.

To date, there have been three different winners of the ISL Final and there is also an ISL League Winners Shield competition that is given to the team that finishes at the top of the league after the regular season. ATK is the most successful club to date in the competition.

Key Teams

Of the ten teams that are still taking part in the Indian Super League, seven of them have been there since the beginning. In total, 11 different clubs have played in the Indian Super League to date. The clubs playing in the Indian Super League are mainly located in the south, east and western regions of the nation.

There is now a lot of attention on the Indian Super League games from local television broadcasters, with large viewership numbers being recorded on a regular basis. There are also a number of notable sponsors on board for both the clubs and the domestic competition itself. This helps to boost the profile of this league as it looks to continually expand and grow the game in the country.

Betting Options

While the Indian Super League is a relatively new football competition, there is a lot of betting attention that these games receive. You will be able to access these betting markets from most operators out there in the space today. You can find the best betting site for your given needs, you need to look at the reviews conducted by the experts at

These are unbiased and objective, allowing you to find a good fit for your specific sports betting needs. You will be able to place bets on the Indian Super League games in just a few minutes.

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