Portuguese Cup Betting

Portuguese Cup Betting

The Portuguese Cup is also known as the Taça de Portugal and it is an annual cup competition for professional football in the country. The Portuguese Football Federation organizes the competition each year and it has been taking place since 1938.

This guide looks at the various aspects of the competition, as well as showcasing the betting opportunities that exist for the Portuguese Cup matches.

Portuguese Cup betting history

While the first version of the Portuguese Cup started in 1912, this was not a normal competition and was only confined to a few teams. It came to an end in 1918 as it was never officially recognized.

There was another cup competition that took place over the next couple of decades before the Portuguese Cup was officially created in time for the 1938/1939 season.

It did not take long for the Portuguese Cup to become the second most coveted football competition in the country after the league. The Portuguese Football Federation was the organizer for the comparison and all teams in the Primeira Liga, Segunda Liga, Campeonato Nacional de Seniores, 22 teams from the District Championships who were runners up and the 18 winners of District Cups were taking part in the Portuguese Cup. There was no entry for B teams or reserve sides.

Benfica was the first-ever winner of the Portuguese Cup and it remains as the most successful club in the history of the competition. It has won the title on 26 occasions and has appeared in 36 finals.

The format of the Cup

There are often around 155 clubs taking part each season in the Portuguese Cup. There are normal eight rounds, including the final. The leading clubs will take part from the 3rd round onwards, while the 2nd tier clubs enter during the second round and the lower level clubs in the beginning round.

Every game will take place over a single leg, except at the semi-final stage when there are two legs to determine what team makes it into the final. If the game is a draw after 90 minutes, there will be extra time played. If this is still a deadlock, the game will then go to a penalty shootout.

The makeup of the Cup

Like all of the leading clubs in the country take part in the Portuguese Cup, as well as lower league teams, there is always the opportunity for an upset. Minnows of football in the country battle it against the giants, with the hope that the smaller clubs will have a historic victory.

The Portuguese Cup is highly coveted and teams will put out their best players in this competition. Only 13 clubs have ever won the Portuguese Cup, so it is always a big deal to make it into the list of winners.

Betting options

The Portuguese Cup is a highly competitive affair, with tense games and local rivalries adding to the experience. By betting on these games, you can take the excitement levels up even another notch. Most games will be televised across the world, particularly as it gets to the business end of the competition. This allows you to follow how your bets are doing during the games.

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