The Den Football Stadium

The Den Football Stadium

The Den is a football stadium that is located in Bermondsey in southeast London. It is the home ground for Millwall Football Club and it can seat just over 20,000 people. Millwall has played its home games at six stadiums over the years including The Den.

History of The Den Football Stadium


The Den was called The New Den for a number of years in order to distinguish it from the previous stadium. The New Den was the first all-seater stadium that was finished in the country following the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. The design of The Den was focused on being able to effectively control the crowds, with quick escape routes being in place across the stadium.


It was in May 1993 that the last game in the Old Den took place after the team had played there for 83 years.


The New Den is located a quarter of a mile away from the former pitch and to cost about £16 million to construct. It was the first stadium that was newly built for a professional team in the country since 1937.

The team has seen many ups and downs since moving into The Den. They have not played in the top flight since the team moved into The Den. There have been plans and controversy surrounding plans to redevelop the housing areas that are found close to the stadium.


It was in October 2019 that plans were announced to make improvements to The Den. This will see a phased expansion, seeing upper tiers being added, which will lead to the capacity of The Den increasing to 34,000.

Other events held at The Den

Over the years, it has not just been football games that have taken place in The Den. There have been a number of boxing matches held at the arena, as well as a number of international football games over the years involving other nations.

It has also held the Women's Cup Final and a rugby league game. It is also the home ground for the fictional Harchester United team that was the team that was the basis of the Dream Team television drama that was popular for a number of years.

Millwall Football Club

Millwall Football Club currently takes part in the second-tier Championship. It was founded as a club in 1885 and was called Millwall Rovers.

While the club has not played in Millwall since 1910, the team keeps the name. The club has only briefly played in the top flight of football in England on a few occasions.

Most of the teams seasons have been in the second and third tiers of English football. It was in the first division between 1988 and 1990, including a record 10th place finish during the 1988/1989 season.

They did get to the FA Cup final in 2004, which helped them get into European competition for the first time, playing in the UEFA Cup the following season.

The Millwall fans do have a bad reputation over the years due to the involvement of certain sections in football hooliganism. There have even been movies created that display the notoriety of these fans.

The clubs main rival is West Ham Derby, both teams being located close to one another. There is also a rivalry with Leeds United and other local teams like Charlton Athletic and Crystal Palace.

Betting on games at The Den

Games at The Den are always exciting affairs. The local fan base is very passionate and can be intimidating to opposing teams. This is why Millwall usually has a strong record at home. Most of the best football sites are going to provide a lot of betting markets for games at The Den.

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