Turkish Super League

Turkish Super League

The Turkish Super League is the leading league competition for football in Turkey. It is under the operation of the Turkish Football Federation, attracting a lot of leading global footballers from around the world. Each year, 18 teams battle it out for the title, with the season starting in August and running up until May.

It has a long and storied history dating back to its formation in 1959. 68 different clubs have played in League, but only five teams have managed to win the title.

The history of the Turkish Super League

Football has been a popular pastime in Turkey dating back to the end of the 19th century. The first official football league that took place in the nation was in 1904 as the Istanbul Football League.

Over the years, there have been lots of variations of football leagues in Turkey.1959 saw the creation of the Turkish Super League. This was the first nationwide league football competition in Turkey at the time.

The first iteration of the League took place in 1959. This was due to a qualifying phase taking place in 1958. In its original form, there were 16 teams in the Turkish Super League.

The first team to win the competition was Fenerbache, with no team earning promotion to the Turkish Super League ore getting relegated from the league in its first iteration.

Before the 1963/1964 season, the Second League was set up as a second-tier league competition to the Turkish Super League.

Of the 68 clubs to have taken part in the Turkish Super League only the following clubs have managed to win the title at the end of the season:

  • Galatasary (22 titles)
  • Fenerbache (19 titles)
  • Besiktas (15 titles)
  • Trabzonspor (6 titles)
  • Bursapor (1 title)

The format of the League

Over the years, the format has naturally changed. Nowadays, there are 18 clubs that take part each season in this premier competition in Turkey.

Each team will play each other on two occasions during the season, once at home and once away. The team that wins a given fixture will earn three points. One point is awarded to each team in the case of a draw and zero points if the team loses.

The team with the highest points total at the end of the games is crowned the Turkish Super League winner. If there are two more teams that finish on the same number of points then the final positioning will be decided by:

  • the head to head record of the tied teams,
  • then by goal difference and goals scored.

Whichever teams finish in the bottom three positions of the Turkish Super League will be relegated down to the second-tier of Turkish football.

The top two teams in the second division will be automatically promoted to the Turkish Super League. For those teams that finish 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in the second division, there will be a play-off series taking place, with the winner also gaining promotion to the Turkish Super League.

Entry into the European club competition

In terms of the coveted spots to gain entry into the European club competitions, the Turkish Super League winner will gain entry straight into the group stages of the UEFA Champions League. The team in 2nd place will go into the second round of qualification for the Champions League, with 3rd place going into the 3rd round of Europa League qualifying.

The team in 4th place goes into the 2nd round of Europa League qualifying. There is also a play-off qualification round entry for the team that wins the Turkish Cup if they are not in the top four league places. If this team already has European qualification, then the team in 5th place in the Turkish Super League will gain this European place.

Betting on the Turkish Super League

The fans of teams in the League are some of the most passionate on the planet. Games get massive attendances week in and week out. This adds massive excitement to proceedings and creates a cauldron of interest for those looking to bet on these fixtures. With the game attracting many top global players, it is usually exciting football to watch and bet on.

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