5 Reasons You Might Prefer Online Poker Versus In-Person Poker

5 Reasons You Might Prefer Online Poker Versus In-Person Poker

In the grand scheme of poker, online play is a relatively new addition. Hundreds of years of gameplay have only recently gone online, as in the last 20 years or so, online poker has become a realistic possibility due to tech advancements.

👀 You now have more choice. As well as choosing whether to play online or in-person at a casino, you can also choose between various game variations and interfaces – this is one of the reasons that there are so many casino brands offering online poker.

Not everyone agrees on their favourite poker site, of course, but there are many reasons why so many people now play poker online rather than in a poker room.

Some benefits are obvious, such as being able to log in and play any time and any place, but some benefits are not as plain to see on the surface.

Choice of online poker tournaments

Different poker tournaments suit different people, from high rollers to new players who don’t want to stake much whilst learning the game.

In person, you’re limited to the rules of the poker room or casino you’ve visited, which means there might not be a lot of choice for things like buy-ins and minimum stakes.

On the other hand (pun intended), online poker tournaments ( 🇪🇺 site ) are far more frequent and often a lot more flexible. Online poker companies can provide more types of games with differing rules and stakes, plus time commitments that may suit you better.

Online poker tournaments are also easier to find and often start a lot quicker than in-person tournaments, where you might have to wait for enough players or for a specific starting time.

👉 Cash games are still a big part of the poker industry and this means that you don’t necessarily have to play in tournaments, but tournaments are sometimes the better way to access bigger potential winnings and learn the skills it takes to get better at poker.

Cash games are still recommended by players like Dan Negreanu, so they’re not to be ignored, and online poker platforms also give you the option to play cash games if you wish.

Convenience: play when and where you want to

Fancy playing poker whilst on the bus or on a train? Devices in your pocket or in your bag can now give you this option, so the world of poker is a very different proposition from what it was 20 or 30 years ago.

The 1990s brought online play for the first time, followed by the Poker Boom when many players became interested for the first time, and the world is seeing a similar movement now, especially since better mobile connections allow you to play poker from anywhere.

The online gambling market is projected to continue soaring and grow to huge values by the 2030s, partially driven by the fact poker is such a successful game online.

Sharpen your poker skills

Online poker offers a fantastic environment to hone your poker skills. Many platforms provide features like hand histories, which track every hand you play, allowing you to analyse your gameplay later.

👉 Additionally, some sites offer strategy guides and tutorials specifically designed for online play. You can also find a wider range of stakes online, letting you play for lower amounts whilst you learn and build your confidence.

This can be a great way to improve your game before heading to a live casino.

Unique poker offers and promotions

Promotions are one of the most crucial parts of the gambling industry in the modern age because there are so many companies and brands trying to compete for custom.

Signup bonuses, free spins on slots, and many other promos are often ways for companies to try and tempt you to sign up or return to your accounts.

Poker has its own specific bonuses too. Some specialised platforms give you a percentage of your fee back as a bonus, which can be an efficient way to maximise returns or minimise any losses whilst playing poker.

Freerolls and other ways to participate without spending any money are also possible at some casinos, but you need to check each individual casino to see exactly what’s on offer, plus there are often Ts and Cs to get to grips with.

Stakes to suit players new and veteran

People have different budgets and tolerance to risk when it comes to gambling activities such as playing poker, and some casinos and poker brands cater to people who only want to stake very small amounts.

👀 Tiny stakes can be a good tool when you’re learning how to play poker and may not be confident in your abilities, so casinos are often willing to oblige players.

Easier to take breaks

Online poker platforms usually give you the option to sit out a hand, especially when playing cash games rather than tournaments.

Whilst it can be hard at an in-person casino to step away and come back to a game, it's pretty simple online and usually just involves clicking a button whilst you fetch a drink or go for a comfort break!

Poker players have their preferences, and some aspects of the game can be harder online, such as reading your opponents. However, the growth in online poker shows what a popular option it has become.

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