Cartmel Racecourse

Cartmel Racecourse

The Cartmel Racecourse is a small track for national hunt racing that is located in Cartmel village in Cumbria. There are nine different days for racing at the track each and every year. While the Cartmel Racecourse itself is quite small, it is one of the most attended tracks in Great Britain for racing.

The History of the Racecourse

There has been racing taking place at Cartmel Racecourse for a number of centuries. While the earliest recorded account of races taking place there was in 1856, it is likely that there have been races at Cartmel Racecourse for much longer than that.

For the most part, until the culmination of the Second World War, there were mainly amateur races taking place there due to its small size. However, as time went on and racing became more and more popular and became largely professional, the Cartmel Racecourse racing offering expanded. Since 1998, the owner of the Cartmel Racecourse has been Lord Cavendish.

The Racecourse

Racing begins each year at Cartmel Racecourse towards the close of May and lasts until August. Interestingly, the three-day meeting that takes place in May is actually operated over the course of five days. The most popular meeting at Cartmel Racecourse comes in July when the Cumbria Crystal Hurdle Race takes place as the flagship race each season at the Cartmel Racecourse.

For most years, the Cartmel Racecourse is third in the rankings of the highest average attendances for jumps racing in the region. It only lies behind Aintree and Cheltenham in these rankings most of the time. Some days the Cartmel Racecourse will see more than 20,000 people attending the racing.

Most of these people will congregate at the centre of the track near to the finishing straight. While there is a small grandstand, for the most part, the facilities that you will see on race day at Cartmel Racecourse will only be temporary.

The run-in for its Steeplechase course is four furlongs, making it the longest run-in of its kind in Great Britain. For the hurdle track, the distance is just under two furlongs.

Ticket Prices

The prices for tickets at the Cartmel Racecourse will vary depending on what meeting you are looking to attend a lot of the time. Usually, it will also be cheaper to book your tickets in advance online rather than waiting to pay on the day of the racing when you go to the gate of the track.

The course tickets generally cost about £12 when you book online and for admission to both the course and the paddock the tickets will generally be £21 each. For a standard race day, those people who are 17 years old and younger will be able to gain entry into the track for free.

Tactics to Consider

With the races at Cartmel Racecourse taking place during the summer months, usually, the ground is pretty good. It is a tight track for races, which leads to plenty of action. The fences are difficult, especially due to their height. With the run-in being half a mile, the lead can vary massively before the first horse goes past the winning post.

The bends come fast on this left-handed track which makes it a tricky assignment for the jockeys. It is usually better suited to those jockeys with a lot of experience or who are technically gifted. Also, front runners tend to do well in races at Cartmel Racecourse.

Biggest Races

The Grand Veterans Chase is always a popular race at Cartmel Racecourse. This is a race for stayers, taking place over more than 3 miles. It is only for horses that are at least ten years old and have a BHA rating of up to 135. It is often a good marker for the Aintree Grand National, but otherwise, it is not overly prestigious.

The race with the highest purse in the Cartmel Racecourse calendar is the Cumbria Crystal Hurdle. This is a handicap race for horses that are at least 4 years old and the purse usually surpasses the £40,000 mark.

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