Southwell Racecourse

Southwell Racecourse

Southwell Racecourse is a track dedicated to thoroughbred racing in Nottinghamshire, England. It is one of six different racecourses in the United Kingdom that has an all-weather track.

It is also the only racetrack with a fibresand surface, which is a combination of wispy fibres and sand. There is also a turf course at the Southwell Racecourse for National Hunt racing. This makes the Southwell Racecourse one of the busiest tracks all across the region.

History of the Southwell Racecourse

There is both an all-weather and turf track at the Southwell Racecourse. In 2007, Southwell hosted the Great Yorkshire Chase while Doncaster Racecourse was being redeveloped. In December 2012, Southwell Racecourse closed for a while after significant flood damage. However, it reopened in early February 2013.

One of the big scandals surrounding Southwell Racecourse came in January 2019. This controversy was about drones flying over the track and streaming the racing live online.

These drones can transmit the footage a couple of seconds faster than most television coverages. That gives bettors an edge when betting live on the races. There were allegations that these betting drones were a constant fixture at all races at Southwell Racecourse for a six month period.

The Racecourse

Southwell Racecourse is the only track in the entire UK with an all-weather fibresand surface. That’s why this track stands out against the competition.

As a result of this surface, the going is always deeper than what you would find elsewhere. The track has flat racing across the winter months, as well as jumps racing. During the summer, there is jumps racing on the turf track.

The track has the following features:

  • all-weather
  • left-handed
  • oval

The home straight is five furlongs long, so the entire track is a mile and a quarter long. Course specialists tend to do well at the Southwell Racecourse because of the unique type of surface.

Ticket Prices

There is both an all-weather track and a turf track at the Southwell Racecourse. Therefore, there are dozens of race meetings each and every year. Ticket prices vary depending on what type of race meeting you attend. For the most part, tickets are cheaper if you buy them in advance online rather than at the gate on the day.

There are also various packages to choose from. Furthermore, the more you buy the cheaper the tickets. Generally, you will get tickets from as low as £10 for races at the Southwell Racecourse.

Tactics to Consider

Generally, your best bet is horses with a lot of course experience. This is because the surface is unique. Specifically, it generates a lot of kickback that can be unnerving to inexperienced horses. Generally, there is a good gallop pace for races, with stamina being preferable due to the severe kickback.

There is normally a lot of spacing between the different horses. Depending on the day, the running on the surface can differ massively, so this is something you need to always be sure of on a given day when looking at what horses you should bet on.

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