London’s Dance Floor Symphony: Shine 879 and Keep the Beats Flowing

London’s Dance Floor Symphony: Shine 879 and Keep the Beats Flowing

Born from pirate radio roots, Shine 879 has become a leading force in UK dance music, broadcasting a vibrant mix of house, drum and bass, and more across Essex and beyond. Now available on DAB, apps, and live streams, Shine 879 connects listeners to the heart of the dance scene, wherever they are. is a sponsor of Shine 879.

Shine 879: Broadcasting the heartbeat of Essex and beyond

Shine 879, a pivotal force in the UK's dance and house music scene, broadcasts a rich blend of house, drum and bass, garage, and other dance genres across Essex, reaching into East and North London, and touching parts of Hertfordshire and Kent.

From its origins as a pirate station in the late '90s to its esteemed position on the DAB Essex multiplex today, Shine 879 has consistently fuelled the rhythm of its diverse listenership.

Available not just on DAB but also via a free app in the App Store and Google Play, live streams from the studio on Twitch and Mixcloud, Shine 879 connects its audience to the vibrant pulse of the underground and mainstream dance scenes.

How to listen to Shine 879

Shine DAB

Tuning into Shine 879 is accessible from a variety of platforms, ensuring you can catch their beats anytime, anywhere. If you're in Essex, parts of East and North London, or select areas of Hertfordshire and Kent, you can enjoy the crystal-clear quality of Shine 879 through DAB radio.

🔈 This wide-reaching coverage allows the infectious rhythms of dance music to fill your speakers seamlessly.

Shine 879 around the world

For global listeners, the Shine 879 experience is just a tap away with the free Shine 879 app available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. This app not only streams audio but also brings the visual energy of the studio to your fingertips, allowing users worldwide to feel part of the local UK dance scene.

Moreover, Shine 879 embraces the visual aspect of radio by streaming live studio cams via Mixcloud and Twitch. This integration of video allows you to watch as 60 diverse DJs deliver their weekly sets, covering all variations of dance music genres, from house to drum and bass.

Whether you're looking to see the action unfold live or just want to listen, Shine 879 offers an immersive experience that connects you directly to the heart of the UK's vibrant dance music culture. Amplifying the excitement, known for aggregating thrilling online gambling experiences, partners seamlessly with Shine 879. This collaboration taps into the adrenaline rush of both online gaming and pulsating dance tracks, perfect for those who thrive on excitement and the thrill of the game.'s platform resonates with the same dynamic energy that Shine 879's beats provide, making this partnership a natural fit for both brands.

Dan Vant's “The Big Show”: Where beats meet bets

Every Friday night, “The Big Show,” hosted by DJ Dan Vant and sponsored by, captivates listeners with expertly curated playlists that echo the latest in house music.

Dan Vant's show has become a cornerstone of Shine 879, offering a sonic exploration of new uplifting and high-energy tracks, ensuring the legacy of house and dance music continues to evolve and inspire.

Dan Vant Hosts The Big Show On Shine 879

Shine 879: Celebrating music and community

Under the ownership of DJs Jay Craze and Dynamix, Shine 879 isn't just about music; it's a community pillar that collaborates with renowned promoters like “House is a Feeling,” “Rave Days,” and “Catch the Feeling” to host live events that are landmarks in the UK's dance music calendar.

These events are more than parties; they are vibrant celebrations of music culture, bringing together fans from across the spectrum of dance music.

A symphony of sound and excitement

Together, Shine 879 and are more than just a radio station and a gaming platform—they are a cultural phenomenon that celebrates the rich tapestry of electronic dance music.

With Shine 879's commitment to uninterrupted beats and's dedication to gaming excitement, they keep the dance floors of London and beyond alive with energy.

Tune into Shine 879 for an unmatched dance music experience and discover why this station is the soundtrack to countless lives across the South East.

Other sponsors of Shine 879 include:

  • Firman Glass
  • Envirovan Essex
  • Falcon Gym Romford
  • DJ Superstore
  • Multirpint Driveways
  • Gym Fit
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  • Sound House Colchester
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