Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs is an NFL team that has its home in Kansas City, Missouri. They compete in the AFC West division, playing their home games at the Arrowhead Stadium.

The team has won two Super Bowls in its history, first in 1969 with the second victory not coming until 2019, when young quarterback Patrick Mahomes led the team to victory. In recent years the Chiefs have been something of a permanent fixture in the play-offs.

History of the Kansas City Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs were established in 1959 by Lamar Hunt, an American Football League (AFL) charter member, when they were known as the Dallas Texans.


The team moved to Kansas City in 1963 and their name changed to the Kansas City Chiefs. The franchise, which became a part of the NFL in 1970, is still owned by the Hunt family.


During their early years, the Kansas City Chiefs captured the AFL Championship on three occasions. They were the second-ever team from the AFL (the New York Jets were the first) to beat an NFL side during the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. This was when they beat the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl IV in 1970, the last competition of its kind before the AFL merged with the NFL.

1993 – 2017

The Chiefs also had the distinction of being the first team in the AFL to reach a second Super Bowl. While they had some success in the early years, the Kansas City Chiefs would go on to struggle in the period leading up to the 2010s. In a stretch from 1993 until 2017, the team lost 10 of their 11 playoff games.


However, more recently the team has a strong post-season record, including its Super Bowl victory in 2019. With Andy Reid as head coach, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the big game on a 31-20 scoreline, with Patrick Mahomes getting the MVP award for the Super Bowl that took place in Miami.

Support of the team

The Kansas City Chiefs have been playing home games at Arrowhead Stadium since 1972. The stadium currently has a capacity of some 76,400 fans making it the fifth-biggest stadium today in the NFL. Its most recent redevelopment work was finished in 2010, costing about $375 million.

Of this money, $250 million came from taxpayers with the remainder coming out of the pockets of the Hunt family. The initial cost of the stadium construction in 1972 was $53 million.

The team is known for having a very passionate, extremely loud home crowd making life tough for opposition teams. In terms of having the most loyal fan bases in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs are right up there.

As for rivalries, the Chiefs have fierce battles with their three competitors in the AFC West division, the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos. The Raiders rivalry, in particular, is very bitter, being one of the fiercest in the NFL. Other rivals include the Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens.

Notable players

Over the years, there have been a lot of quality players pulling on the Kansas City Chiefs uniform, including Joe Montana, Tony Gonzalez, Derrick Thomas, Warren Moon, Ty Law and Bobby Bell.

In recent years, Patrick Mahomes has been the standout star. In total, the team has gone through just thirteen head coaches since its initial season in 1960. Andy Reid has led the Chiefs to its recent run of success since taking over in January 2013.

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