Cypriot Cup Betting

Cypriot Cup Betting

The Cypriot Cup in the leading cup competition for football in Cyprus. It is under the operation of the Cyprus Football Association and it has been taking place since 1934. This was the same year that the domestic football leagues in Cyprus began. The Cypriot Championship is the leading football competition for teams in the country each year, with the Cup being in second place in these rankings.

Only teams that are in the first and second division of football in the country can gain entry into the Cup. Since the 1962 renewal of the competition, Coca-Cola has been the main sponsor for the event. This is why it is also known as the Cyprus Coca-Cola Cup.

The history of the Cypriot Cup

  • It was during the 1934/1935 season that the Cypriot Cup first took place. This was when the Cyprus Football Association was initially founded. The Cypriot Cup that season was the first-ever competition that was operated by this association as it was held before the beginning of the Cypriot First Division season.
  • The Cup has been taking place continuously ever since except for a couple of exceptions. As a result of the Second World War, there was no Cypriot Cup from 1941 until 1944. There were also a number of seasons towards the end of the 1950s that it was cancelled as a result of unstable conditions in the country.
  • The competition resumed for the 1961/1962 season. The following year was when the competition began to be sponsored by Coca-Cola.
  • It was officially renamed for the 1998/1999 season to the Cyprus Coca-Cola Cup. The most successful team in the Cypriot Cup is APOEL with 21 titles. In total, there have been 13 different winners of the Cypriot Cup since it started in 1934.


In the beginning renewals of the Cypriot Cup, only those teams that made up the first division of league football were able to take part in this cup competition. For a number of years, the second division was not made official despite also forming in 1934. However, from the 1952/1953 season onwards, second division teams were allowed to take part in the Cypriot Cup.

There was just one exception, for the 1963/1964 season. However, for many years it was only the leading team in the second division that would be eligible to enter into the cup competition. It was from the 1975/1976 season onwards that all second division teams were given the green light to play in the Cypriot Cup.

To date, there has never been a team from the second division to make it all of the way to the final of the cup. On four different occasions, teams from the second division have gotten to the semi-final stages. For many decades, teams from the third and fourth division could also enter into the Cypriot Cup, but this was changed in 2008/2009.

The current format

Since the 2011/2012 season, the Cypriot Cup takes place in a traditional cup knockout format. There is a preliminary round that takes place over a single leg. Then starting in the first round, there will be two legs for each of the rounds, except for the final.

The winner each year will get entry into the UEFA Europa League. If the winner of the Cypriot Cup is also the winner of the league, then the team that finishes second in the league will get the European spot that is awarded to the Cypriot Cup winner.

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