Northville Downs Racecourse

Northville Downs Racecourse

As of 2020, the Northville Downs track is the only harness racecourse that is still operating in the state of Michigan. However, there is also uncertainty with regard to Northville Downs’ future.

The track is located to the north of the largest city in Michigan, Detroit. It was set to close its doors in 2021, bringing to an end a historic era of horse racing in the state. However, delays with the plans for the project means that racing will likely continue until 2024.

Ticket Prices at Northville Downs Racecourse

Generally, the admission prices for Northville Downs racing are very low. General admission tickets usually start at around $2 and kids of most ages can go in free. There are some additional perks that you can get if you are willing to pay a bit extra.

Course Details

The length of the track is a mile and a half, being 80 feet in width. The track is 48 acres in size and it was bought in 2018 by the Hunter Pasteur Homes housing development company. The plan was to close the facility for good in 2021.

However, due to delays with the planning process, there will be live racing at Northville Downs until 2024. The main type of racing that still takes place at the Northville Downs is harness racing. At the track, there is an enclosed grandstand and a clubhouse.

Over 5,000 people can be seated in the grandstand and there are enough stables at the facility for 750 horses. Generally, the racing season at Northville Downs takes place from the start of January until the end of April. However, there have been more dates added as the days get longer, now continuing through June.

Track History

It was in 1944 that the Northville Downs track was built drawing people from across the state to the facility. Racing had been taking place in the region unofficially for some time before that. Northville Downs was known as being the first track outside of New York that saw success with harness racing. It has remained in the same location ever since. It was one of the first tracks across the United States that offered nighttime racing.

Northville Downs also was a central location for the breeding of horses in Michigan. One of the biggest sets of races traditionally taking place at the track was during the Wayne County Fair that took place each September. While in the 1980s there were more than eight track operations in Michigan, these days Northville Downs is the only track still hosting live racing.

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