Gamification Elements: Loyalty Programs, Achievements, and Challenges

Gamification Elements: Loyalty Programs, Achievements, and Challenges

Undoubtedly, the hallmark of an online casino platform's success is the amount of traffic it receives and, therefore, the number of players it can attract to its website and app. Attracting players in the first place is one thing, but retaining players is another and is becoming very important for operators. One such technique being used is gamification in online casinos, a construct that is very popular amongst Canadian players and worldwide.

iGaming giants like Mr Bet Canada have taken notice and are beginning to integrate these systems into their everyday business. Whilst gamification can be readily implemented in other industry sectors, we’re taking a look at it with regards to iGaming and how it's being successfully integrated into this industry.

The idea behind casino gamification

Mr Bet rose to the occasion following the demand from online casino players across the world and, in particular, Canadian players seeking casino bonus Canada offers that allow them to maximise their play with minimal initial deposit. These come in the form of free spins, deposit bonuses, etc.

Hand-in-hand with new player bonuses comes gamification, which appeals to existing players and offers loyal, returning players the opportunity to receive further bonuses once certain “targets” have been met.

These targets are dressed up as awards, badges, free spins, bonus money, and other goodies. The more you participate, the more awards you get, and this is where gamification comes into play.

Gamification in online casinos: key elements and features

This concept is far-reaching and incorporates key elements not only in gaming but also in other industries. Some of the top features of gamification include:

  • Game Design Aspects: Beyond the intricacies of gameplay, there has to be an icing on the cake that draws you to a game. Elements such as the leaderboard, challenges, and rewards come into consideration in this regard.
  • Incentives and Engagement: The core aim of this concept is to create a sense of belonging and overall accomplishment once the game is over. In iGaming, one way to do this is to reward players with perks that show a platform’s appreciation for the gaming roles that they play. This may be in the form of a points system where players earn points every time they play.
  • Innovation and Technology: With elements such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and advanced analytics, online casinos have continuously improved their gaming quality, particularly from an immersion perspective for players.
  • Unlocking Content: The thrill of moving from one level of casino gaming to the next is truly unmatched. This is why this characteristic features as one of the main selling points of gamification. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a new level being unlocked. It can also be a special points package or a secret new game.
  • Exclusive Tournaments: The competitive adrenaline of any type of game is one of the best feelings you can experience as a gamer. That’s why many iGaming sites feature tournaments where you get a crack at exclusive wins.
  • Leaderboards: Still tapping into the inherent competitive spirit of most punters, casino platforms around the world incorporate leaderboards where players compete to get to the top rankings of the tournaments that these sites offer.
  • Social Media: The rise in popularity of online gambling games also owes its plaudits to widespread social media sharing. The new era of the tech world has done wonders to spread the iGaming gospel among the masses. As such, many noteworthy sites have taken notice and completely leveraged this avenue.
  • Loyalty Points: Loyalty at any level must always be rewarded. Thankfully for the gambling industry, loyalty points are some of the best gamification currencies in use at most online casinos. Most of these platforms base their loyalty systems on a points basis that is hinged on the time and money spent on the sites. The more money and time you spend, the higher your points tally will be, which will translate to exclusive perks.

Managing gamification expectations

Whilst the gamification crusade is great for the outlook and expectations of players, iGaming sites must also be wary of passing any form of incorrect information or overpromising to the gamers.

Expectations must be managed. Players, for example, must be made aware that tournaments and challenges may not last a lifetime and that there’ll be a time when they won’t have access to them.

👉 As these sites push their agenda, they should always advocate for responsible gambling practices among punters.

All in all, this gaming concept has proven to stand the test of time. There’s no doubt that it is here to stay and that it will feature prominently in the gaming circles for years to come.

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