The Most Profitable & Unprofitable Games in Online Casinos

The Most Profitable & Unprofitable Games in Online Casinos

Alright, so we know that casinos are mostly about entertainment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to maximise your win potential. What if slots are not your thing, and this time you really want to get out of your next gambling sessions with some wins? Well, then be sure to pick your games wisely, and in this article, we’re going to help you with just that!

The most ‘profitable' casino games

Profitable casino games are those where you can influence the outcome through skill, strategy, or by minimising the house edge. In short, games where you can have at least some control over the results, and the higher your impact on the outcome, the better.

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If you play in a provably fair online casino, good old poker can be the most profitable game to pick… well, assuming that you know how to play it.

You see, poker is a game of skill, and despite being recognised as a gambling game, you can really influence the outcome of your results with aspects such as:

Aspect Use example
Bluffing Convincing opponents you have a strong hand to force them to fold
Hand Reading Deducing opponents' potential cards based on their betting patterns
Position Using your seating position to make more informed decisions
Bet Sizing Adjusting your bet size to maximise profit and minimise risk
Bankroll Management Ensuring you have enough funds to continue playing over the long term
Psychological Insight Observing opponents' behaviours to predict their actions
Mathematical Probability Calculating the odds of completing a winning hand
Adaptability Changing your strategy based on the dynamics of the game

Yeah, there’s a lot of scope for showing off. Plus, a low house edge and the opportunity to compete against other players, rather than the casino itself, make poker a classic go-to choice for any casino user who’s looking for some profits.


Next up, we have Blackjack, a game that typically has one of the lowest house edges amongst all casino games, often around 0.5% with optimal play. Not only that, you can also reduce the house edge significantly by optimising your strategy, similar to poker!

Everyone knows that Blackjack is clearly a much easier game to master, and more advanced techniques, such as card counting, can further improve your results.

If you really want to excel at Blackjack, consider using programs such as Blackjack Card Counting Trainer to help you learn faster and collect some coins at your casino.


Craps is fun, fast, and gives you a decent chance to win — what else do you really need? It comes with:

  • Low house edge
  • Diverse betting options
  • Straightforward rules
  • Strategic flexibility

So yeah, that's basically all that’s needed for a profitable casino game. Additionally, players can benefit from learning and applying advanced betting systems, which pair well with the dynamic nature of the game.

If this fast-paced gameplay is too overwhelming for you as a new player, experts recommend starting with the basic bets, like Pass Line and Don't Pass, to learn how it all works and build some confidence.

Unprofitable casino games

Unprofitable casino games are those where the house edge is significantly high and you have minimal to no control over the outcome. These games rely heavily on luck rather than skill or strategy, making them less favourable for consistent winnings.

Lottery-style promotions

We have no other option but to start this section with lotteries. This is probably the most random thing in online casinos, and that’s something to keep in mind.

However, due to this randomness, winning in such a lottery is quite extraordinary — and we, as humans, love to feel lucky. Being picked as “the chosen ones” is the best feeling ever.

To sum it up, do lottery promotions evoke next-level emotions? Absolutely. Are you likely to win at them? Not at all.


Keno can be super fun as well, but if we’re being honest, it’s also not the most profitable casino game ever. The house edge in Keno can be crazy high, often exceeding 20%.

It’s a similar case to lottery promotions — the low probability of hitting multiple numbers means that consistent winnings are rare, making it one of the least favourable games from a profit perspective.

But Keno is so much fun that calling it just “fun” is a clear understatement, and that’s a good reason to play it.


Slots are amongst the most popular games at online casinos due to their simplicity, exciting themes, and potential for big wins. However, when it comes to profitability, slots are generally considered unprofitable.

👉 The house edge on slot machines can vary widely, but it often ranges from 2% to 10%, which is higher than many table games. Additionally, slots are purely games of chance, meaning you have no control over the outcome.

The allure of jackpots and flashy graphics can be tempting, but the reliance on luck rather than skill or strategy makes slots a less favourable option for consistent winnings.

Despite this, the entertainment value and the thrill of potentially hitting a big jackpot keep players coming back.


You saw it coming, didn’t you? Well, yeah, it just had to be there, as roulette has one of the highest casino advantages over other table games.

But just like with other games in this listing, despite its mathematical unprofitability for the player, its popularity is due to the excitement it provides and the simplicity of the rules.

For many players, the excitement of spinning the wheel and the possibility of big wins outweigh the statistical advantage of the casino. As a result, roulette remains one of the most popular games at online casinos, according to experts.

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