How to bet on the Mile High Derby at Arapahoe Park 2021

Mile High Derby at Arapahoe Park 2021
Mon 6th September 2021
Arapahoe Park

For the Mile High Derby at Arapahoe Park, there are five different trial races that take place over 400 yards. The ten horses that are the fastest qualifiers will get entry into the main race that takes place in early August. The Mile High Derby comes with a purse of about $90,000 and is always a coveted title in the area.

This track is very tight so speed is going to be the number one variable to look out for here. Sometimes the leader will try to pull away from the field too early, allowing the rest of the field to catch up. You also want to have a good draw position to maximize the chances of getting around the tight bends in a good place. Going too wide can lead to horses losing valuable ground and seconds.

Nothing much changes when there is rain, with speed being even more important in these conditions. If you want to place a bet on the Mile High Derby, you can do so through one of the leading betting sites that can be found at

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