100 Bit Dice Game
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You will come across many different types of casino games when you are playing at casino sites. All of the major game types will look somewhat similar when you compare the different games within each category.

However, you will sometimes come across something that is a bit different. That is the case when it comes to the 100 Bit Dice game that has been developed by 4ThePlayer.


How to play

As the name suggests, this is a game that has a lot to do with dice. Starting off, you will have to decide on your stake. You can do this manually or just use the slider feature.

You will then be betting on the outcome of the dice landing between 0 and 100, deciding if you think the final result will be greater or below a given target. To place your bet, you simply stake on the green or blue side of the screen.

There is the option to enact the autoplay feature to 100 Bit Dice game, as well as using the turbo feature that will speed up each of the rolls. You will successfully win your bet if the dice has rolled a sum that is over/under whatever mark you set for the dice roll.

As you can see, this is not a slot game as there are not any reels or slots mechanics to be seen. After each roll, you will be able to see the statistics for the history of the results.

This includes how many wins you have had on certain results, allowing you to tailor your decision-making as you please. You can even quickly see if you are in a profit or are making a loss in a given session.

Bonus and Prizes for 100 Big Dice Game

You will not come across any forms of bonus games when you are playing 100 Bit Dice game, with just the base game on offer. There is the option to place small bets for as low as 0.01 credits and for as much as 1,000 credits per single round.

The max you can win in a given round through playing this game is 250,000 credits while the max bet multiplier is 1,000x your stake.

Return to Player (RTP)

As the 100 Bit Dice game is a bit of a hybrid casino game that doesn’t fit into a distinct category, it can be a bit tougher to judge the payout percentage. Currently, the RTP for 100 Bit Dice game is a very good average of 98.94%, bringing it closer to table games than video slots.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for something that is completely different from any other casino game, 100 Bit Dice game is an option worth trying out.

You won’t come across the same sort of great animations as a video slot, but there are plenty of other aspects to enjoy.

The idea of the game is very simple, but the ability to be flexible with your betting makes it a game worth trying out for yourself at least once.

Game FAQ

Where can I play 100 Bit Dice Game online?

100 Bit Dice Game can be played at the following online Operators: MrQ, Spin Genie, The Online Casino

Who developed the game 100 Bit Dice Game?

100 Bit Dice Game has been developed by the software provider 4ThePlayer

What type of game is 100 Bit Dice Game?

100 Bit Dice Game is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play 100 Bit Dice Game on?

100 Bit Dice Game can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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