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Out of all of the casino games in the world today, blackjack is up there with being the most popular. It has been showcased in countless television shows and movies over the years, with people winning huge sums over the course of time.

These days, you are able to get access to a lot of different variants of the game. No longer do you have to rely on playing the blackjack games that are available at land-based casinos. You can now sign up for an online casino account and start playing many different exciting variants from the likes of Microgaming. Atlantic City Blackjack brings something of a twist to the classic blackjack variants.

The reason why it is a popular choice among many players is because of the minimal house edge. Therefore, players will be maximizing their chances of coming out on top. There is a lot of enjoyment to be had from playing Atlantic City Blackjack and it is also a challenging game at times.


How to play

As the name suggests, this blackjack variant originates from Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is a city in the United States that has a large presence of casinos since its legalization in the city in 1976. The first of these casinos opened a couple of years later and they wanted to attract people to gamble at their properties.

Therefore, Atlantic City Blackjack was one of the ways developed to provide incentives for players to come to casinos. The original version was a bit too much in the favour of players that it led to tough situations for the casinos. Therefore, they tweaked the rules slightly to make it a bit more beneficial for them, while still being extremely player-friendly.

Atlantic City Blackjack rules

All of the basic rules of Atlantic City Blackjack are the same as what you would come across with a standard type of blackjack. The goal is still to get as close to 21 as possible without going over this total while beating the dealer’s hand. Cards hold the same values and you are still able to split and double hands.

The dealer will stand if they have a soft 17 in Atlantic City Blackjack. They will also be able to peek to see if they have blackjack, with the peek in place for both Aces and cards that hold a ten-value. If there is a blackjack for the dealer, it is instantly revealed. This rule is ideal for players, as they will not have to waste money by doubling or splitting cards before it being revealed that the dealer has a blackjack, which is what normally happens.

There is also a late surrender rule in place, which means that the player is able to surrender their disappointing hands after the dealer peeks. Players are also able to double down on two cards, as well as doing so after splitting. Aces will only be able to be split a single time.


The payout of different blackjack variants can be somewhat different. However, Atlantic City Blackjack offers pretty similar payouts to what you would normally come across with a standard blackjack game.

If you get a natural blackjack, you get a 3:2 payout in most cases. However, there will be certain operators that will only pay out 6/5 on your natural blackjack bets, which is something to watch out for and should be avoided. A standard win during a round of blackjack will as usual pay you out at 1:1 of your stake.

Why play Atlantic City Blackjack?

As a result of the dealer peeking for blackjack on certain cards before you split or double, this means that you can save yourself from wasting these additional bets. This lends itself to a smaller house edge, which is ideal for those players who are looking to get the best bang for their buck. The majority of the other rules stay the same, so this can be a good way to get an edge over the house, with other aspects of the gameplay staying the same.


As you can see, there is a lot to like about Atlantic City Blackjack. By lowering the house edge you are in with a better chance of profiting. It is also nice to try out different variants from time to time. This allows you to broaden your horizons and potentially come across very exciting games.

If you want to learn about other common blackjack variants or find the best online casinos, you can read the expert reviews and guides on

Game FAQ

Where can I play Atlantic City Blackjack online?

Atlantic City Blackjack can be played at the following online Operators: MrQ, Spin Genie, The Online Casino

Who developed the game Atlantic City Blackjack?

Atlantic City Blackjack has been developed by the software provider Microgaming

What type of game is Atlantic City Blackjack?

Atlantic City Blackjack is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Atlantic City Blackjack on?

Atlantic City Blackjack can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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