Baccarat Deluxe
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Baccarat Deluxe is yet another online version of a classic casino table game, but it’s a variant we love. The game has been developed by PG Soft and comes as a rather clever variant of Bond’s favourite card game.

The basic premise is simple enough there, especially for those familiar with baccarat already, although the choice of settings with the Deluxe version allows you to set things up exactly as you like.

All the usual baccarat bets are available to players of Deluxe, while there is some free play and a demo version available to help you learn the ropes.


How to play

What we love about Baccarat Deluxe most of all, considering the slightly complicated nature of the famous classic baccarat format, is that this version is particularly easy to play.

As soon as you load up the game room, you’ll be tasked with choosing between the Super 6 and the Traditional versions.

Three betting limits are available with most hosts; 1 – 50, 10 – 100 and 100 – 1000 for the high-rollers. These bet ranges can be chosen for each of the variants available. Naturally, there are also plenty of side bets to play also.

If you happen to be new to baccarat, it may be worth your while to learn some of the basic rules of the game before you attempt Baccarat Deluxe, although the demo model for this game is particularly helpful and makes this much, much easier from the outset.

How to Play Baccarat Deluxe

As you’d expect, you can choose to bet on the Banker, the Player, or the Tie as is the case with most online baccarat variants.

Those who know the game well will be aware that the hand in the game finishes with the total nearest to 9 wins, though again the demo explains all of this very well.

The major choice to make for a punter is to decide whether or not a third card should be dealt, which is the same dilemma facing those playing classic baccarat.

If the first hand of the banker, or the player, reaches 8 or 9 then no third card is needed. Should something else be dealt instead, the rules of Baccarat Deluxe set out precisely how things work and decide whether or not another card is needed.

In this deluxe version, 8 card decks are used and are shuffled as normal. A card is burned each time they are cut.

Return to Player

Most online baccarat games reach an RTP of over 98%, though in Baccarat Deluxe both the return to player and the payout depends heavily on the bets you choose to make. The more you stake, the more you could win, while how often you get a payout may well depend simply on luck.


Baccarat Deluxe is available to play on desktop, or on any iOS or Android-powered device and works brilliantly no matter which you choose. Give this version of a classic card game a whirl now!

Game FAQ

Where can I play Baccarat Deluxe online?

Baccarat Deluxe can be played at the following online Operators: Casino, Pub Casino, Jackie Jackpot

Who developed the game Baccarat Deluxe?

Baccarat Deluxe has been developed by the software provider PG Soft

What type of game is Baccarat Deluxe?

Baccarat Deluxe is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Baccarat Deluxe on?

Baccarat Deluxe can be played on


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