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Bingo Bingo
90-ball bingo
Return to player (RTP):
Ticket prices:
10p to £2
Live chat feature, Single prize pool bonus, Five club options

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In the mood for some classic, no-nonsense bingo? Then head for this 90-ball offering, Bingo 90 from top operator Tombola. To add to the fun, there are five different clubs to choose from. These include Rainbow, Kaleidoscope, Harlequin, Spectrum, and Mosaic. Each club has a separate chat room.


How to play

This game follows conventional bingo rules. For instance, you play to mark off a single or two lines plus Full House before your fellow players. There’s a jackpot to play for as well.

Ticket prices vary according to the number of players in the game. But they range from 10p to £2. Each one features nine columns plus three horizontal lines, while each line has five numbers with four empty spots. So Bingo 90 is very much in the mould of a traditional 90-ball bingo game.

Mark off your tickets yourself when a game is in play. Or, you can choose to have this done automatically as the numbers are called. You can even change the colour of your auto daubers if you like. That is, either to the one you’ve just taken a shine to, or your favourite hue.

To make life even easier, you’ll always find your strongest tickets displayed at the top of your screen. You can also see which ones are the closest to being marked off. And, you can see where you are just two or three numbers from completing.

Bingo 90 Special Features


Win the progressive jackpot by achieving Full House within 40 ball calls or fewer. You could find yourself banking up to a whopping £20,000! What’s more, the rules mean your bounty’s yours to keep – unlike some other bingo games, you won’t have to share it with anyone else.


Don’t forget to have a good old chin-wag as you play. Each of the five clubs has three great chat rooms from which you can take your pick. Each one is packed with nattering players and moderators who are there to keep things fun and answer any questions you may have.

Bonus Games

While strictly speaking there are no bonus games as such, Bingo 90 does feature The Link, where all the clubs across Bingo 90 come together every half-hour to form a single prize pool. It’s a great chance to win some serious cash. You can also play these games through the small hours if you’re a night owl, from 2 am to 9 am.

Return to Player (RTP)

With Tombola’s games, RTP or Return to Player will always be more than 80%, which is a decent stat for bingo.


You should find Bingo 90 lots of fun, as well as being really easy to play. And it’s a good one to go for whatever your previous playing experience.

So, not only is Tombola highly reputable, with great promos constantly offered, including with this game plus a decent new player bonus, it has plenty of other bingo games. So once you’ve signed up, you can flit between them any time you fancy a change from Bingo 90. Equally, of course, this game is available via Tombola’s app so you can get your bingo fix on the go any time you like.

Try it out – and remember to let us know what you think.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Bingo90 online?

Bingo90 can be played at the following online Operators: tombola bingo, tombola arcade

Who developed the game Bingo90?

Bingo90 has been developed by the software provider Tombola

What type of game is Bingo90?

Bingo90 is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Bingo90 on?

Bingo90 can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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