High Point Craps
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Some bigger wins here than on classic Craps
Return to Player:
Higher than normal House edge
Evolution Gaming
No deposit, Free play options, Deposit match bonus, Customer promotions (on select sites)


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Craps has been transformed since the online casino revolution, with many a new variant being made available to us all around the world.

Available to play using some fantastic current welcome offers and bonus codes is High Point Craps. This brilliantly entertaining version of one of the best-loved table games around can be played on numerous sites, some offering brilliant no deposit and free play options too.

How to play

Firstly, join up with a reputable casino. Get a good deposit match bonus using various deposit methods, get free spins if you can and keep an eye out for any other existing customer promotions along the way.

When you’re in, you can play this rather more exotic version of craps. High Point Craps is a little different from the classic game in as much as it has some varying rules and gameplay. It is very fun,
and it’s also easy to pick up.

High Point Craps Features

So, as we’ve said, High Point Craps is basically an exotic version of this great table game. Here, rolls of 2 and 3 are ignored. The game shooter must instead roll again on a 2 or 3 until a different value is achieved with the dice.

On the flip side however, should the shooter roll an 11 or 12 then they automatically win with all winnings paid out at 1/1 (even-money). Rolling any number other than the aforementioned 2, 3, 11 or 12 will be considered as the point in High Point Craps.

To win, the shooter must roll the dice and achieve a number higher than the point already established.
This all makes this variant of the game very interesting to play. There are some fairly simple rules your casino will help you along with which are quite easy to learn.

A major advantage is that the initial roll of a 2 or 3 is ignored, whereas in standard craps rolling those numbers makes you a loser.

On the negative side; High Point Craps does come with a higher-than-normal house edge which is never what we want to see. Across all players this is definitely considered a major disadvantage, though for an individual player all is not lost as we’ll explain.

Return to Player

In craps, the RTP can go over 99% but in this variant, things are different. Given the rules about 2’s and 3’s, the house edge has to be higher in High Point Craps and so over the course of time you are destined to lose more.

However, those interesting features mean that while the casino is making more profit overall, individual players can make some bigger wins out of this variant than they can from the classic game as long as their luck is in!


We love warming over classic games as long as it’s done right. For those not too concerned with the house edge, High Point Craps is a much more interesting way of playing a classic game.

Game FAQ

Where can I play High Point Craps online?

High Point Craps can be played at the following online Operators: Jackpot.com Casino, Pub Casino, Jackie Jackpot

Who developed the game High Point Craps?

High Point Craps has been developed by the software provider Evolution Gaming

What type of game is High Point Craps?

High Point Craps is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play High Point Craps on?

High Point Craps can be played on


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