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Hockey has a long history when it comes to participating in major events such as the Olympics. It is a very fast and skilful sport that is entertaining to watch. In recent years, it has emerged as a more and more popular sport to place wagers on.

There are a variety of different interesting markets that are unique to the sport. So you should check them out to see if they pique your interest.

Major Events

  • Olympics – Naturally, the Olympics is going to be the biggest event in the sport of hockey. This takes place every four years. Both the men’s and women’s teams battle it out for the gold medal.
  • World Cup – The hockey World Cup also takes place every four years. And it is another major event for hockey players. It is an event for international teams and it will see one nation crowned as world champion for the next four years.
  • Euro Hockey League – This is a cup competition that takes place every year. However, it’s only for the best men’s team on the continent. It has been running for more than a decade and it is always battled out in a fiercely competitive manner.


How to play

Types of Hockey Sports Betting Odds

The most straightforward way for you to place bets on hockey games will be through match winners and handicap markets. These are self-explanatory markets. Another popular way to bet on hockey is through over/under markets and correct score markets.

Goalscorer betting markets are also another great way to get a slice of the action. Some of the bookmakers that offer in-depth offerings for games may even dive deeper and offer over/under. That’s on the likes of the number of short corners in a given game or prop bets such as which players you think will get a yellow card.

Important Hockey Betting Terms

There are a few terms that relate to betting on hockey that you may not be overly familiar with.

  • Over/Under – These types of betting markets allow you to bet in favour or against a certain event happening in a game. For example, if you bet on there being over 2.5 goals in a game, you are betting that there will be at least three goals scored in a game.
  • Short Corner – A short corner is also called a penalty corner in hockey. This is a penalty awarded against the defensive team and it sets up a decent scoring opportunity.
  • Penalty Stroke – This is the most serious penalty that can be handed out by a referee. It is usually given when a goal would have most certainly have been scored before some foul play was seen. This sees a one-on-one situation between the penalty taker and the goalkeeper. After a game ends in a draw, there will often be a penalty strokes shootout. This is a highly exciting way to finish a game.

Tips for Betting

While hockey is a popular sport, a lot of bookmakers do not pour a huge amount of time into setting the odds for these games. Therefore, you should arm yourself with enough knowledge about the given teams and players taking part in a fixture. Then, you can usually spot price mismatches that you can take advantage of and potentially profit nicely.

A lot of bettors also see good success by focusing on total goal betting markets. For certain tournaments, trends can appear as to the number of goals being scored on average due to different variables. This can present a strong opportunity.

Hockey Sports Betting and Offers

At, you can see the leading hockey betting sites. Not every sports betting site will properly support the sport in terms of betting markets. So, you want to choose an operator that provides adequate support. You can also get access to some great offers and promotions.


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