Hot Turbos
offered by Genting Casino, Casumo, The Vic

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Guaranteed prize pools:
$30,000 every sunday
Starting chips:
5 minute
3,000 starting chips, Five-minute levels, Guaranteed prize pools of up to $30,000


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Hot Turbos is a series of fast-paced, daily poker tournaments. It features an extensive line-up of buy-ins from tiny to much bigger stakes.

Guaranteed prize pools of up to $30,000 are jacked up to genuinely jaw-dropping levels on Sundays.

The turbo structure is ideal for anyone playing who is short on time but still wants their poker adrenaline surge. It’s also available via an app for on-the-go play.

Additionally, there are satellite qualifier games ahead of all tournaments in the hours beforehand. This gives you the opportunity to bag your seat for less.

Above all, these tournaments give the notion that poker games are lengthy affairs requiring endless patience and time.

With these multi-table Hot Turbos, every player, whatever their experience, can find a game that suits their needs.


How to play

How to Play

A turbo tourney is one in which the blind levels rise much more quickly than during standard play. Before the blinds or antes go up, each round generally lasts around five minutes, in contrast with the more usual 10 or 15 minutes.

Hot Turbos rebuy events tend to go on break after half an hour, compared with an hour in a regular rebuy event.

Various Hot Turbos run throughout the day, and the guaranteed prize pools mean you get the money promised, regardless of how many others buy into the same tournament.

The lower buy-in of these rapidly completing tournaments tends to attract players in their thousands, and tournaments usually finish in four hours maximum.

All games feature the same structure. with 3,000 starting chips and five-minute levels. Players have usually hit the 200/400/50 level by the beginning of the second hour.

Tips for Hot Turbos Tournaments

While you might think luck plays a bigger part in turbo tournaments, and that there’d be a greater dependence on being dealt a starting strong hand, given that the format demands more pre-flop all-ins, skill is rewarded in the same way as with slower tournaments.

So being canny with your choice of starting hand, understanding the power of position, sizing bets effectively and reading opponents’ styles and tendencies briskly are all equally important if you’re playing a fast-paced game.

There’s less time to adjust things, to recover if you do make a mistake, and less time to wait for the ideal hand from which to make your move.


In Hot Turbos, for example, you begin with deep stacks of 150 big blinds for the initial five-minute level, but after 30 minutes once the antes kick in, you could be down to just 30 big blinds if you’ve not chipped up from the starting stack, while just quarter of an hour after that, you’d be down to a mere 15.

So you need to be really focused on every hand from the outset, and be frequently in action.

Sometimes, however, the faster tournaments may attract less experienced players, so if you can use even a little strategic know-how, it can take you a long way.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Hot Turbos online?

Hot Turbos can be played at the following online Operators: Genting Casino, Casumo, The Vic

Who developed the game Hot Turbos?

Hot Turbos has been developed by the software provider Proprietary

What type of game is Hot Turbos?

Hot Turbos is categorised as Poker

What devices can I play Hot Turbos on?

Hot Turbos can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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