Jackpot Big Top Slot
offered by Bally Casino, Virgin Games, Monopoly Casino

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Progressive Jackpot at least 6 Figures!
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Mini Games, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpot, Multipliers


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If you are looking for a game that has a circus theme, then look no further! Jackpot Big Top Slot is a game that sees you buying a ticket in order to see all of the weird and wonderful aspects of a circus.

Everything from elephants to lions and ringleaders will be present in this game. There are also all sorts of bonus features available, allowing you to get in on the action in a variety of ways.

This review will take you through what you need to know about Jackpot Big Top Slot.


How to play

There is a wide range of betting limits usually available as part of Jackpot Big Top Slot. You are able to quickly place bets as you please and even automate your spins. The win lines will be paid out from left to right.

There are some symbols that will pay out when you match two of them, but most will require you to match three symbols. These wins will provide you with a variety of multipliers.

The biggest win on each of the lines will be the one that is paid out and you will also get your total wins across multiple lines paid out to you.

There are wild symbols in play with Jackpot Big Top Slot, being in the form of a lion tamer. This allows you to swap in any other symbol, except for the free spins and mini-game symbols. This allows you to turn losing spins into potential winners.

Jackpot Big Top Slot Mini-Games

There are a couple of mini-games as part of Jackpot Big Top Slot. With the Mirth Mobile mini-game, you will be trying to predict which number the wheel is going to land on.

If it lands on a number that is greater than the one you predicted, you will get a prize. However, you get nothing if it lands on a lower number. If you exactly predict the encumber, then you get an additional bonus for your successful guess.

The Fearless Fortune mini-game provides you with a choice of four wheels. Each of them has its own multipliers on offer, with it being more difficult to win the bigger multipliers naturally.

You choose one of these wheels and you get a certain number of spins to use. If you land on one of the green segments, this means that you’ll get a multiplier.

Free Spins

Jackpot Big Top Slot also allows you to get regular free spins during the course of the base game. To get the free spins, you need to match up a number of the free spin symbols. In total, you get 9 free spins as part of the base game.

Progressive Jackpot

Jackpot Big Top Slot also offers players the chance to win a progressive jackpot. This will always be at least six figures in size.

Players will randomly get awarded this pot and you will get a notification on your screen if you have been successful. This element of the games adds even further excitement to the proceedings.

Return to Player

Jackpot Big Top Slot has an RTP of 92.23%. While this is lower than standard slot games, the progressive jackpot element usually leads to a lower RTP value as a slice of every bet going towards this pot.


Jackpot Big Top Slot is a very enjoyable game to play thanks to the great theme, graphics, and myriad of bonus features. The mini-games in particular are quite unique and add a lot of ways for you to boost your profits as much as possible.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Jackpot Big Top Slot online?

Jackpot Big Top Slot can be played at the following online Operators: Bally Casino, Virgin Games, Monopoly Casino

Who developed the game Jackpot Big Top Slot?

Jackpot Big Top Slot has been developed by the software provider Intouch

What type of game is Jackpot Big Top Slot?

Jackpot Big Top Slot is categorised as Slots

What devices can I play Jackpot Big Top Slot on?

Jackpot Big Top Slot can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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