London Roulette
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London Roulette is here. The origins of roulette go back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In fact, it’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about casino games. It’s impossibly glamorous and associated with James Bond and dinner jackets and the like.

The game is also incredibly simple to play. This live European version comes from Evolution Gaming. London Roulette takes its elegant theme from the UK’s capital. It even captures all the excitement, lighting, atmosphere and glitz of a city-centre casino, wherever you are. Multiple cameras mean you won’t miss a second of the action!


How to play

How to Play London Roulette

The wheel in European roulette has 37 coloured, numbered pockets, one fewer than its American counterpart. Half the numbers are black, while the other half are red.

London Roulette has one green zero, US versions have two. As well as the wheel, you’ll also see a table showing the numbers and some other elements you can place a bet on.

You can bet on:

  • Colours (i.e., red or black)
  • Even or odd numbers
  • High numbers (19 or higher)
  • Low numbers (18 or lower)

Choose your chip size and make your bet. In fact, place a wager on as many numbers as you wish and remember the chip size can be varied.

Once bets have been placed, a ball and the wheel spin in different directions. The ball whirls around a circular track along the outside edge of the wheel. It will fall into one of the pockets.

Then, the number on which it comes to a halt is the winning number.

The various payouts all yield different payouts and winning odds. But, in general terms, you boost your chances of winning by betting on more numbers.

Bets on the numbers themselves are known as inside bets, which tend to win more per stake but come up less often. Those placed on the other sectors are called outside bets.

Common inside bets include ‘straight’ wagers on a single number or ‘split’ ones on two neighbouring numbers. There’s also a ‘street’ one on three adjacent numbers in the same line.

London Roulette Special Features

Bonus Games

In keeping with similar bingos, you won’t find any bonus games here.

Progressive Jackpots

As with most casino table games, there are no progressive jackpots in London Roulette.

Bet Limits

Every roulette game has its own betting limits. So it’s important that you choose a game that suits your needs, whether you prefer to stick to low stakes or want the adrenaline rush of betting larger sums.

Given that the maximum table limit can go up to £40,000, this game would be especially well suited to the high-rolling player. However, limits range from £2 onwards.


While roulette is essentially a game of chance, you can adopt a strategy to (hopefully) increase your chances of winning.

There’s the Martingale double-up strategy, for example, or the Paroli system, in which you make an initial bet and then repeat the same stake if you lose. When you do win, double your stake for the following game, before returning to the original wager after winning three games in a row.

Finally, the James Bond strategy is a flat betting system meaning you wager the same sum every game, although braver players can attempt a more progressive approach.

Live Chat

Friendly, professional croupiers are on hand to answer any queries you may have about the game via the live chat function – or just to share a bit of entertaining banter!

Return to Player (RTP)

As is the norm with most table games, the return to player is quite high at 97.3%, meaning a low house edge or advantage of just 2.7%.


Evolution Gaming is a highly respected operator and this offering should give you pretty much everything you’d want from a roulette game. Also, you’ll find the interface user-friendly, too.

What’s more, before committing to a bet, although there’s no demo mode, you can have a look around at table rules, bet variations and limits, payouts and so on. That gives you a real feel for the site before you play for real – give it a go and remember to share your thoughts.

Game FAQ

Where can I play London Roulette online?

London Roulette can be played at the following online Operators: Casino, Pub Casino, Jackie Jackpot

Who developed the game London Roulette?

London Roulette has been developed by the software provider Evolution Gaming

What type of game is London Roulette?

London Roulette is categorised as Live Casino

What devices can I play London Roulette on?

London Roulette can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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