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Motor sport is also often described as motorsports. It involves races within the Formula One, motorbike, Nascar, Rally, and Supercars niches. In fact, it involves all of these, and more, with various competitions available to bet on.

The Most Popular Events in Motor Sport

Formula One

The most well-known form of motor racing is Formula One. It includes superstars such as Lewis Hamilton. F1 stages up to 20 Grand Prix, which are contested by up to ten constructors sending out two cars and two drivers each.


Nascar originated and still occurs purely in the US. Nascar has its foundations in the illegal movement of bootleg alcohol during prohibition. But now, it is among the most popular sports in the world. Over 1,500 races at 100 different tracks in the States feature on the circuit.


Rallying is a form of off-road racing. It’s featured heavily on British TV over the years. In fact, the rally tour remains massive throughout Europe and has a high betting turnover.


Whether it’s speedway, rally, or motocross, motorcycle racing is another hugely popular sport. Also, it has many subdivisions and subcategories.


How to play

Odds Available on Motor Sport

A lot depends on the specific type of motor sport you choose to bet on. But common markets are to win the race outright, fastest qualifier, podium finish, and points finish. There’s also first retirement should a car break down and duck out of the race.

Motor Sport Terminology

From a betting point of view most motor sports are easy to understand, i.e. ‘winning the race’ or finishing ‘on the podium’ are pretty self-explanatory terms, but to help things along here is a short explanation of some of the things you’ll hear during commentary and these will also be included in some bets:

  • Chicane – an artificial feature designed to slow cars and bikes down and make them turn, some handle it better than others.
  • DNF – ‘did not finish’, i.e. a driver or rider who didn’t complete the race, usually due to breakdown or crash.
  • Drive-Through Penalty – another time penalty a driver may incur for breaking rules.
  • KERs – kinetic energy recovery system, used now in Formula One and critical in a car’s performance.
  • Qualifying – drivers and riders must run fast laps to decide who starts where on the grid, something that will hugely affect the likelihood of a result and therefore the overall betting.
  • Podium – finishing in the first 3. This is also a common bet within various motor sports.

Tips for Betting on Motor Sport

These sports are as much about the technology as the drivers and riders. Therefore, it’s crucial that you know a little about the machinery you’re watching.

Subscribing to Formula One magazines for example or even partaking in karting can help you along. But always bet on ‘spot bets’ or ‘props’ rather than the overall winner. That’s because even one mile ahead could crash out at any time. So betting on podium or points finishes is probably the way to go.

MotorSport Betting Offers

Nascar, Indy500, and Formula One offers are usually forthcoming. But generally speaking, the best way to take advantage is to use whatever loyalty or new customer bonus is coming your way on your chosen sport.

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