Roulette Professional Series
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European roulette rules, Wide betting range, 35 different special bets, Extensive range of statistics & analysis


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If you are looking at all of the major types of roulette games, then you might have come across Roulette Professional Series by the likes of Playtech. This brings all sorts of different types of bets to the table.

Everything is tailored towards the more experienced type of roulette players, so this will not really be a good fit for beginners.  However, if you are looking for a new challenge when it comes to roulette then Roulette Professional Series can be a good choice for you.


How to play

Roulette Professional Series follows standard European Roulette rules, which means that just a single zero will be in play. You have access to all of the usual types of bets, with the limits ranging from as little as 0.10 coins per spin and up to tens of thousands of pounds.

As well as the standard types of roulette bets, Roulette Professional Series also provides you with the ability to place about 35 different special bets.

There is a drop-down menu that will be seen that showcases each of these types of bets. Some of the more popular types of special bets include Orphelin Plein, Les Vousins du zero, and Tiers Du Cylindre.

In-depth analysis for Roulette Professional Series

Another major standout feature of the Roulette Professional Series is that it offers an extensive range of statistics and analysis options. There is a billboard that shows all sorts of interesting information about the given game. You are able to see the hottest and coldest numbers. These are the four numbers that have been drawn the most and the least during a given time period. There are advanced statistics available for each of these metrics.

There are also bar charts that showcase the breakdowns of the recent results, covering red, black, or green, as well as odd or even numbers. The metrics are usually based on the previous 500 spins of the roulette reel. There will also be a display of the exact 14 different winning numbers for the given table. The racetrack bets are also very clearly laid out for neighbours bets.

You are also able to customize different aspects of this process. Finally, the likes of the quick spin and fats play options allow you to speed up proceedings when playing Roulette Professional Series. If you want to automate matters, then the autoplay feature allows you to automatically run 100 spins with your predetermined selections.


Roulette Professional Series is a game that has been tailored to those people who are looking to have access to as much information about past roulette spins as possible. They will often use this information to guide their future betting decisions. This game type can be a bit overwhelming for those who are just starting out playing roulette. However, it will be ideal for those players who want as much info as possible.

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Game FAQ

Where can I play Roulette Professional Series online?

Roulette Professional Series can be played at the following online Operators: Casino, Pub Casino, Jackie Jackpot

Who developed the game Roulette Professional Series?

Roulette Professional Series has been developed by the software provider Playtech

What type of game is Roulette Professional Series?

Roulette Professional Series is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Roulette Professional Series on?

Roulette Professional Series can be played on


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