Spoils Of War Slot
offered by Casumo, Genting Casino, MrQ

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10,000x your stake
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Green Jade Games
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Cash pot, Bonus round, 10,000x your stake


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Claim a rewarding victory and the spoils of war in this classic slot from Green Jade Games.

Once again, Green Jade Games throws in a unique game mechanic with impressive bonuses and win opportunities. While most slot games are based on luck rather than skill, Spoils of War slot tests your skills as you have to beat the odds to claim a win.

This slot sets you as a tank commander tasked with bringing down enemy buildings. As you go about your mission, enemies will fire bazookas at you from their bunkers damaging your tank.


How to play

There are no reels, rows, or Paylines on this slot rather you would have to bring down buildings to trigger wins.

Spoils of War slot is set in a war-torn region and places you as a tank commander hunting down and demolishing enemy buildings in your path. You will notice bank buildings containing cash.

Bringing down these structures could earn you a reward as you game. Crashing your tank into buildings would degrade its health. If you run out of health, the round ends.

Each building has a number to it which signifies the number of hits it would take to destroy it. To trigger a win, players would have to destroy a bank with cash in it.

There are 6 banks in each round. Players would have to destroy all the banks in the game to trigger a payout. If you’re able to bring down all the buildings in the round, you will win the maximum payout. The max payout in any round is 10,000x the stake.

Hitting this payout would require you destroying all the buildings before being destroyed be enemy bazookas or before you pass any of the buildings undestroyed (you won’t be able to turn back in the game).

Spoils of War Special Features

Bonus Features

Bonus Round

Spoils of War slot offers a bonus round with a chance of winning up to 2,000x your stake. In the bonus round, you will be offered a pick of six groups of banks. You are to make a pick and blow it up.

Cash Pot

All your missed winnings in each round are collected in a cash pot. These winnings are shared among players that place the same bet as yours and with the same currency. Destroying a bank will increase your cash pot winnings.

If you’re unable to cash out all the winnings at the end of the round, it would be paid as mystery prizes to other players. You could also win mystery prizes shared from other players’ cash pots.


There is no jackpot on this slot, but punters could claim a max prize of 10,000x the stake without using the bonus round feature.

Return to Player (RTP)

Players would have to deal with a low Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 92.98% on this slot.


Though it has a depressingly low return to player percentage, Spoils of War has exciting features that would thrill punters. Its max payout of 10,000x the stake, bonus rounds, and cash pot offer are promising features that any punter would love.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Spoils Of War Slot online?

Spoils Of War Slot can be played at the following online Operators: Casumo, Genting Casino, MrQ

Who developed the game Spoils Of War Slot?

Spoils Of War Slot has been developed by the software provider Green Jade Games

What type of game is Spoils Of War Slot?

Spoils Of War Slot is categorised as Slots

What devices can I play Spoils Of War Slot on?

Spoils Of War Slot can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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