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While most fair-weather fans only watch this sport during the Olympics, table tennis has moved from being a fun pastime to take part into being a properly competitive international sport and with that comes a whole suite of betting odds being offered up by major firms.

The Biggest Table Tennis Tournaments in the World

World Table Tennis Championships

Played annually with trophies given out for men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles, the top men’s team and the top women’s team.

World Cup

Again played annually, the World Cup features competitions for men, women and teams.

ITTF World Tour
The world tour takes in lots of tournaments, again for a range of different players much in the same way that individuals tour for points and prize money in tennis or golf for example.

Table Tennis at the Olympics

Table tennis, colloquially known as ping-pong in some regions, has been played at the Summer Olympics since 1988 and its presence at the quadrennial spectacular still helps to temporarily raise the sport’s profile each time.


How to play

Odds Available on Table Tennis Matches

Sometimes hidden away in the dreaded “other sports” category, table tennis is accommodated by bookmakers and a host of odds are made available.  For match lines the overall winner odds and total points odds are listed, something like this:

To Win



Dorian Nicolle


Over 65.5   5/6

-2.5   11/10

Sven Happek


Under 65.5   5/6

+2.5   4/6

As you can see here on one coupon you can back the overall match winner, those prices on favourites will be restrictive, and yet always matches should be close, i.e. the handicap only offers the favourite to win by a couple of points.  Also, the total points can be backed, but be careful to check on whether the match is a best of 5, best of 7 etc.

Table Tennis Terminology

Table tennis terminology is one thing, bet specifically within betting you may see these words and phrases attached to the sport:

  • Correct Score After X Games – if you’re unsure of the final outcome, you can bet simply on what the score will be after three games, i.e. someone to be ahead 3-0 or 2-1.
  • Game Betting – in a best of 5, you can bet each opponent to win 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2.
  • Match Lines – the coupon shown above offering odds on a specific match.
  • Player Totals – as well as betting on the total number of points in a match, you can bet on the points scored by just one player, i.e. Andrew Baggaley to score over 38.5 at 5/6.

Tips for Betting

As you’ll see from our example above, odds on favourites can be skinny and yet matches are expected to be close.  So, instead of backing the favourite outright at 1/6 you could back them to win by 3 at 11/10 if you’re confident they are the better player.  Props are better than outrights always on this sport and that’s what you should stick to.

Betting Offers

No specific offers are available on table tennis generally, but Olympics specials often come up and you can always use your loyalty and new customer bonuses wisely if you think you know your stuff.

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