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Launched in January 2020, Trio Bingo is the free daily SMS-based game from top operator Tombola, with cash prizes ranging from a handy fiver to a very-nice-thank-you one grand.

In all, £35,000 is typically up for grabs every week. There’s one daily bingo game and one available at Tombola Arcade. That is a different site offering Tombola slots plus instant win games and accessible via the same login details.

Trio Bingo replaces an offering called Worlds. However, unlike its predecessor, it’s free and available twice rather than once daily.


How to play

Just set up your account, register your mobile number with Tombola, and opt-in for text messaging. Then, you’ll get a text every Monday, supplying you with the four-digit code required to play that week’s game.

There really isn’t anything overly complicated about playing Trio Bingo. Actually, it’s a straightforward scratchcard format with nine symbols to uncover. For example, match a hat-trick to land a cash prize. No wagering terms are applicable. What’s more, other prize values apart from the smallest £5 reward and the biggest £1k one include a tenner, £20, £50, or a tidy £500.

But simple certainly doesn’t have to mean dull—Trio Bingo is heaps of fun. Take your pick from nine themes: Retro, Lanterns, Snapshot, Piñata, Chests, Western, Aloha!, Pharaoh, and Lamps. (But whichever one you choose, the game’s basic format remains the same.)

In fact, the themes are really just the backgrounds to the games. For instance, you’ll see a Rubik’s cube in the Retro game. And you’ll see a coconut and sunglasses with the Aloha theme, and so on.

There are nine squares on the scratchcard, and it’s your job to match up three of a kind. Hence, the name ‘Trio’. Swipe or click on a symbol to display it. One or two reviewers have remarked that this was a bit fiddlier to do than would be ideal.

Special Features


No progressive jackpots feature as part of the Trio Bingo game.


Chat moderators are available to help out around the clock, so there’s always someone around. Tombola’s games always have a nice community feel. So, it’s worth joining in to chat and celebrate any wins while commiserating with each other if you haven’t won.


Perhaps unsurprisingly for a game like this, the focus is on the scratchcard and there are no mini or bonus games.

Return to Player (RTP)

While in general terms bingo RTP tends to be at least 80%, the concept is less applicable to a scratchcard game like Trio Bingo.


Frankly, it’s hard to see how you could go wrong with this addition to the Tombola line-up! It’s easy to get to grips with, free, so there’s nothing to lose, and it’s fine if you miss a day. Unsurprisingly, there are more smaller prizes than big ones, but seeing as you’re not paying for tickets, what’s not to like?

You’ve also got a solid, established, and high-profile operator like Tombola for added peace of mind. It has plenty of bonus offers and promos to keep things interesting and a good variety of games to choose from once you’ve had your Trio fix for the day.

As we say, there’s nothing to lose—so give it a go and let us know what you think.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Trio Bingo online?

Trio Bingo can be played at the following online Operators: tombola bingo, tombola arcade

Who developed the game Trio Bingo?

Trio Bingo has been developed by the software provider Tombola

What type of game is Trio Bingo?

Trio Bingo is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Trio Bingo on?

Trio Bingo can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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