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Dash Cryptocurrency

Aimed at overcoming Bitcoin’s shortfalls, Dash was created in early 2014 (as XCoin) and has fast become one of the world’s strongest cryptocurrencies.

It is a type of Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), run by a subset of users (known as Masternodes). Developer Evan Duffield started the currency to be a faster and more private version of Bitcoin.

The design only allows for a maximum of 18 million coins to ever be available. Block mining is a speedy 2.5 minutes on the Dash blockchain.

The Dash set up has some exciting and unique elements, including Masternodes where there is a second tier of the network and these allow you to activate Instant Send (transactions within 1.5 seconds) and Private Send (combined fund sending to make them difficult to identify).

The real benefits of this cryptocurrency are the Voting mechanism which gives investors a say in changes on the network. There is also watertight security and its decentralisation element.

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