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Greyhound Racing

With its roots in hare coursing, modern greyhound racing typically involves an oval track. A lure is pulled ahead of the dogs until they cross the finishing line.

In Britain, this racing first took place in Manchester’s Belle Vue Stadium in 1926. Today, there are 21 stadiums which the Greyhound Board of Great Britain regulates, alongside four independent tracks. Races range from 300m sprints up to 1100m ‘marathons’.

Typically, six animals run in each race, graded according to ability, with weather conditions and the greyhounds’ age crucial to the result.

Greyhound racing offers myriad markets for punters, including in-play betting and handicap events in which dogs of different abilities run together.

Among numerous other options, bet to win, have an each-way flutter, or predict which animals will finish in the top three spots and their order in this thrilling sport, whose outcomes are usually more predictable than in horse-racing.

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