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Late Night Show Bingo

Even though the majority of online bingo action happens after traditional work hours, most of the jackpots are won by around 10PM leaving the real night owls with nowhere to go.

Available for under 1 coin a game however is The Late Night Show Bingo. The game doesn’t begin until 12.45AM each day with tickets not on sale until 12.30.

Each card is available for just 0.01 coins, although a minimum of 96 need to be purchased, with prizes set at 20 coins for one line, 30 coins for two lines and 50 coins for the full house.

Games of The Late Night Show Bingo are restricted on each site to 50, 75 or 100 players and so the chances of a win are good.

With tickets being cheap and wins held back for the late night crew we think this is a fantastic addition to the online bingo world.

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