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Fast-paced, athletic and skilful, Volleyball is rightfully a hugely (and increasingly) popular sport whose matches never end in scoreless draws. Recent Olympic Games have increased its profile even further.

There are two main versions of the game – indoor and beach volleyball, with the rules varying significantly for each. The FIVB is the sport’s international governing body, while major tournaments include the World Cup, World League (for men) and the World Grand Prix (for women).

Betting is broadly the same for both indoor and beach versions of volleyball. And you’ll find an extensive line-up of betting markets. A match bet, for example, is a simple flutter on who you think will win a game.

You could also place a handicap bet, bet on how many points you reckon will be scored, the correct score, who will win individual sets, or place a wager using some of the long-term tournament bets available.

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