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Created in 2016, Zcash is a decentralised blockchain with its own cryptocurrency that lets you receive and send funds anonymously. It’s based on the Bitcoin code while taking privacy a lot further.

Its currency is also called Zcash, shortened to ZEC. A maximum of 21 million ZEC will ever be in circulation (the same as Bitcoin), and it’s thought that this will be achieved in 2032. The ultimate ambition is to make it a global payment system.

More scalable and capable of processing transactions much more quickly than Bitcoin, Zcash is a cost-effective way of transferring funds. You’ll only see transaction time and date; details about the sender and recipient remain encrypted.

For gaming, Zcash works in the same way as similar products, and you can use it to play table games, slots, bingo and jackpots. Equally, more reputable operators have started allowing their customers to play with this cryptocurrency.

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