Fluffy Favourites: A Journey into the World of ‘Adorable’ Slots

Fluffy Favourites: A Journey into the World of ‘Adorable’ Slots

So you've no doubt heard of the whimsical world of Fluffy Favourites, a delightful series of online slot games adorned with lovable, cartoonish animals and thrilling bonus features.

Crafted by Eyecon, these captivating games have won over players globally with their straightforward yet enthralling gameplay, vivid graphics, and the possibility of substantial wins. Let's take a closer look at every game in this fluffy series!

Fluffy Favourites (the original)

Embark on the journey with Fluffy Favourites, the foundational 5-reel, 25-payline slot that set the stage. It showcases beloved characters such as the pink elephant, endearing panda, playful monkey, and jovial giraffe.

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Securing three or more pink elephants initiates free spins where wins are tripled, and the claw symbol ushers you into the Toybox Pick bonus game, offering immediate rewards.

This classic game, with its upbeat music and recognisable characters, continues to be a perennial favourite among many enthusiasts.

Fluffy Favourites (The Original)

Fluffy Favourites Remastered

Experience a refreshed take on the beloved classic with Fluffy Favourites Remastered. This version elevates the visual appeal with sharper graphics and fluid animations. Whilst the core gameplay mirrors the original, the bonus features have been subtly enhanced.

The Toybox Pick bonus now comes with more prize choices, and the free spins have the added excitement of being retriggerable, boosting your chances of winning. If the original captured your heart, this remastered edition will charm you with its refined and updated experience.

Fluffy Favourites Remastered

Fluffy Favourites Megaways

Step into the world of Fluffy Favourites Megaways and embrace a whole new level of excitement! This game takes the familiar charm of the original and amps it up with the innovative Megaways format, offering a dizzying 117,649 ways to win on every spin.

Alongside the adorable animal friends, you'll now find playful dinosaurs adding to the fun.

The beloved bonus features have been given a mega makeover – imagine ramping up your free spins with multipliers reaching up to 25x, and the Toybox Pick bonus brimming with even more enticing rewards.

Perfect for anyone seeking an extra thrill in their Fluffy Favourites adventure.

Fluffy Favourites Megaways

Fluffy Favourites Fairground

Come on down to the Fluffy Favourites Fairground and join the carnival fun! This game whisks you away to a vibrant world under the big top, featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines set against a bustling circus tent.

Spin the reels to line up cheerful clowns, cuddly bears, and playful monkeys for a chance at big wins. Try your luck at the Claw Machine bonus for instant prizes, and test your skills in the Hook-a-Duck bonus for extra multipliers and free spins.

This game is a real treat if you're after a bit of carnival joy alongside your fluffy pals.

Fluffy Favourites Fairground Mega Jackpot

Get ready with your popcorn for the Fluffy Favourites Fairground Mega Jackpot! This game brings back all the excitement of the carnival, now paired with the heart-racing prospect of a progressive jackpot that might just be a game-changer.

Each spin you make adds to the constantly increasing jackpot, setting the stage for a potentially life-altering win. As you pursue this grand prize, you'll still find all the beloved bonus features and the delightful fairground vibe.

Ideal for anyone looking for a bit more thrill in their fluffy escapades, with a side of jackpot excitement.

Fluffy Favourites Fairground

Fluffy Too

Dive into the charming world of Fluffy Too, where new fluffy friends await! Meet the mischievous chipmunk and the snuggly koala, joining the well-loved characters from the original.

Keeping the classic 5-reel, 25-payline setup, this sequel spices things up with upgraded bonus features. The Claw Crane Bonus now presents even more opportunities for prizes, and the Bubble Bonus introduces a cascading series of wins.

With its fresh faces and improved gameplay, Fluffy Too is a wonderful expansion of the series, offering a warm welcome to both long-time enthusiasts and first-time players.

Fluffy Too Mega Jackpot

Prepare for a double delight of fluffiness and jackpot excitement in Fluffy Too Mega Jackpot! You'll enjoy the same charming characters and thrilling bonus features from Fluffy Too, but with an added twist – a progressive jackpot that could be yours.

Every spin you make contributes to this growing jackpot, blending adorable gameplay with the anticipation of a life-changing win. If you're a fan of the new fluffy friends in Fluffy Too and dream of hitting a jackpot, this game is definitely for you.

Fluffy Too

Fluffy in Space

Embark on an extraordinary fluffy journey with Fluffy in Space! This cosmic escapade rockets you into a 5-reel, 25-payline adventure across the stars, accompanied by adorable extraterrestrial critters like the space panda and the astronaut monkey.

🔥 Hot tip! Gather rockets to ignite free spins featuring expanding wilds, or spot UFOs to launch the Cosmic Cash bonus, promising instant rewards.

Offering a delightful spin on the classic Fluffy Favourites theme, this game is a stellar pick if you enjoy a sprinkle of space exploration with your fluffy fun.

Fluffy in Space Mega Jackpot

Get ready for a cosmic adventure with an extra twist in Fluffy in Space Mega Jackpot! You'll find all the interstellar adorableness and exciting gameplay of the original Fluffy in Space, but with the thrilling addition of a progressive jackpot.

Each spin you make adds to this ever-increasing prize, elevating your space journey to new heights of excitement. If you're keen on combining your galactic fluffy escapades with the chance of winning a stellar jackpot, this game is tailored just for you.

Fluffy In Space

Slingo Fluffy Favourites

Step into the innovative world of Slingo Fluffy Favourites, where bingo meets slots in a flurry of fluffiness! Match numbers on your Slingo card with the ones spinning on the reels, accompanied by your beloved cuddly characters.

Completing lines unlocks engaging bonus features such as the Toybox Pick and Coin Pusher, where instant prizes and multipliers are up for grabs. Slingo Fluffy Favourites is an ideal choice if you're seeking a fast-paced, distinct experience in the fluffy universe.

Slingo Fluffy Favourites

Fluffy Favourites Lucky Tap

Step into a world brimming with cuddly charm in Fluffy Favourites! This isn't just your typical slot game; it's a delightful escapade where you're greeted by classic 5×3 reels. Here, the iconic pink elephant and a host of lovable animal friends are ready to present heartwarming wins.

The excitement continues with “Fluffy Favourites Lucky Tap.” Embrace the fun by grabbing your virtual rings to skilfully toss at brightly coloured carnival bottles, celebrating as they clink and topple, revealing instant prizes and enticing multipliers.

So, embark on this fluffy journey, where spinning, tossing, and zooming through this wonderland brings not only cuteness but the chance for significant wins and smiles with every adventure!

Fluffy Favourites Lucky Tap

Fluffy Favourites Mix ‘n' Win

Bid farewell to the typical fairground attractions and embrace a new era of amusement with Fluffy Favourites Mix ‘n' Win! In this game, you're in charge, choosing your adventure with free spins and up to three classic bonus games at your disposal.

Fancy a bit of cuddly chaos? Try your hand at “Grab-A-Fluffy” and seize fluffy prizes. Feeling fortunate? “Hook-A-Fluffy” could be your path to wins. Or, if you're keen on testing your reflexes, experience the thrill as coins tumble in “Coin Pusher”.

Each bonus game offers a chance to multiply your bet by up to 100 times, so step away from the candy floss and approach the plushy prize booth – a fluffy fortune could be yours for the taking!

Fluffy Favourites Mix 'N' Win

Who developed the Fluffy Favourites series?

The endearing characters of the Fluffy Favourites series are the creation of Eyecon, a UK-based software developer renowned for their whimsical and playful slot games.

With a history spanning over twenty years in the gaming industry, Eyecon has established Fluffy Favourites as their premier series. It has endeared itself to players globally, winning over both their hearts and their wallets.

Why is Fluffy Favourites and all its spin-offs so popular?

The enduring popularity of Fluffy Favourites and its spin-offs can be attributed to several factors:

  • Adorable theme: The series' charming and cuddly animal characters strike a chord with players across different age groups, creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Simple yet engaging gameplay: Its classic slot format, combined with uncomplicated bonus features, makes the game accessible and enjoyable, even for beginners.
  • Potential for significant wins: Although not known for colossal jackpots, Fluffy Favourites offers attractive payouts and thrilling bonus rounds, which keep players coming back for more.
  • High nostalgia factor: For numerous players, Fluffy Favourites holds a special place as one of their initial online slot experiences, evoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort.
  • Frequent spin-offs: Eyecon's continual expansion of the series with new variations ensures that it remains fresh and captivating for its dedicated fan base.

Will there ever be any more Fluffy Favourites variations?

Given the considerable popularity of the Fluffy Favourites series, it seems highly probable that Eyecon will continue to expand the franchise with new variations.

Their history of regularly introducing spin-offs indicates that more delightful adventures featuring these beloved characters are likely in store for the future.

What theme would you class Fluffy Favourites as being?

Fluffy Favourites falls into several theme categories:

  • Cutesy/Kawaii: The primary theme is undeniably the adorable and fluffy animals, appealing to those who enjoy a touch of childish charm.
  • Carnival: Several games in the series incorporate carnival elements like clowns, claw machines, and fairgrounds, adding a playful and lighthearted atmosphere.
  • Animal: Naturally, animals are the central focus of the series, providing a connection to nature and a sense of familiarity.
  • Classic Slots: The basic gameplay mechanics and bonus features align with the traditional slot machine experience, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Ultimately, Fluffy Favourites can be enjoyed for its combination of heartwarming cuteness, engaging gameplay, and the potential for exciting wins. It's a series that transcends specific themes and continues to delight players with its simple pleasures.


The Fluffy Favourites series invites you on an enchanting adventure filled with lovable animals, enticing bonus features, and opportunities for significant wins.

Each instalment, ranging from traditional fairground attractions to cosmic adventures, provides a distinct experience while maintaining the series' hallmark charm and captivating gameplay.

Whether you're an experienced player or a newcomer looking for an enjoyable diversion, Fluffy Favourites offers a range of options to suit everyone's taste.

Now, which Fluffy Favourites journey are you planning to embark on next?

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