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What is Roger?

Roger is a consolidator website bringing together an extensive library of the best and most trusted iGaming operators and software providers from across the worlds of bingo, slots, live casino, casinos and more.

We work in an affiliate capacity with online gaming operators. Essentially, if there's something you can bet money on, do recommend it – we’re very happy to feature it on our site.

Can I create an account with Roger?

You certainly can, and we make doing this as easy as possible. Just head over to Login / Signup, fill out a few quick details and you're good to go.

What's the benefit in creating an account with Roger?

Having an account means you stay updated about all the latest games, new releases and bonus offerings from our various operators.

What's more, you’ll be able to rate and review the games you’ve decided to play with recently, and share any particularly striking experiences with operators, whether you've had a good time or not.

How do you choose the gaming operators you work with?

We're extremely choosy! We search high and low to find operators who operate legally within properly licensed jurisdictions. We also look for successful operators with strong reputations, especially as far as responsible gaming is concerned, and those offering the most secure software and payment facilities.

Equally, it’s important to us that our operators offer a rich gaming experience, with a decent range of high-quality, reliable games that people actually want to play.

What if I have a problem with one of the operators?

All operators featured on Roger are reputable and guaranteed to offer excellent customer support alongside secure payment options. So we’re certainly not expecting that you’ll run into any problems.

But since we work independently, we’re not able to get involved in complaints with individual operators. So your first course of action should be to get in touch with the relevant provider direct.

These days, there are ways to do that, from email and phone calls to live chat, which is often offered 24/7. Indeed, because we only work with highly reputable operators who are known for their customer service, you should find any featured provider highly responsive.

However, if your query is to do with some aspect of what we at Roger provide, feel free to email hello@roger.com and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Equally, if you have feedback regarding a particular provider following a difficult experience, do let us know and we’ll gladly take action and share it via our website at your request.

What is your favourite game?

Ooh, you shouldn't put us on the spot like that! Online gaming developers are getting better at what they do all the time, so we now have a large number of favourites. It often depends with what we’re in the mood for, if we’re honest.

That said, in terms of game genre, we're definitely loving the live game shows being produced by the likes of Evolution, falling under the live casino category of games.

Who is your favourite iGaming provider?

As we just said, we don't really have favourites. But we think all the operators we feature here on Roger are pretty darned good at what they do. Equally, some have specialisms, so will be good for different things at different times.

You may love the graphics on one website, the swift customer service replies on another, or the bingo banter, mobile play or live gaming on others. We’d be interested in hearing from you about your favourite provider, too.

Why not try out a few from our website and send us a message about how you get on?

What is your policy on responsible gaming?

Obviously, we’re all for it. While for most people online gaming is fun and trouble-free, for a small minority it can become problematic.

We take responsible gaming very seriously, and applaud growing industry efforts to help those whose play has gone beyond a carefree pastime.

Extensive help is available, from self-control measures like blocking how much time you can spend on a particular site, to chat groups, support from national charities and more. We feature some of the bigger UK-wide organisations on Roger, and talk about their work, so that people know that support is out there.

If you think your gaming might have become problematic, we’d definitely suggest taking action sooner rather than later. Talk to someone and seek professional help today.

How do I know my money is safe when I play online?

As mentioned, we work with reputable operators only. Each one will have its own payment arrangements, so check before you commit. There are various payment processing companies our operators work with, including the likes of Neteller and Skrill.

All of them are highly secure, so your money is certainly safe. However, if you do have any specific concerns, talk directly to the relevant provider, research the processing company or leave a question via our website.

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