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At Roger, as the website owner we take your privacy very seriously, as most responsible websites do. And we always comply in full with the European Union General Data Protection (GDPR) rules, and Data Protection Act 2018, the UK's implementation of these now that we are outside the European Union and European Economic Area, not just because it’s the law and the rules apply to us as much as they do to anyone else, but also because it’s the right thing to do.

On this web page, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about data and privacy for users of our website. And we've included an outline of our policy on data protection and third party cookies, plus an explanation of the way we use your information and collect personally identifiable information for all types of cookies.

Read on for further information about how we handle privacy and cookies, and sharing with third parties, so you can make an informed decision about cookie consent and our website. You'll find details of everything you need to know below.

How do I contact Roger and who is your data controller?

The data controller responsible for your personal information for the relevant European Union data protection law is: (UK) Limited
73 Cornhill

Should you have any queries about this privacy policy or the way we collect information about you before we provide services that you want to know before you give login details and set up an account, get in touch using the details above, specifying the country you live in and what you need to know.

Data Protection Officer

Roger's ‘Data Protection Officer' is responsible for the way we use your information, and for overseeing compliance with the law on data protection. You can contact our Data Protection Officer using the details given above if you have specific queries on any issues surrounding data protection or the way we use information about you. Please mark any correspondence for the attention of: ‘The Data Protection Officer'.

It's always the same person – i.e. there's a single point of contact.

What information about you will you collect?

Like most websites, we collect fairly comprehensive information or analytics cookies when gathering personal data, after you've agreed to accepting cookies, including:

What information will you collect from other sources?

We may retrieve information from One Account Mobile Limited (1account) to verify that you meet the minimum age requirements as determined by relevant UK age restriction legislation. We will record that your age has been successfully verified so that you don’t need to go through the process again. You can find information about 1account and how they manage your personal data by visiting their website:

How will you share the information you hold about me?

We use cookies in our marketing to gather email addresses for mail shots, which means these are set if you use Roger.

Third party affiliates, like Google Analytics, will also implement cookies to collect information about a user's activity on

If you sign up to our website, you will be automatically subscribed to our regular newsletter, which is emailed from time to time. You have the option to opt-out of receiving this information at an early stage, and then at any point afterwards.

Will you share my personal data with anyone else?

No, absolutely not! We never share personal details with any third parties collecting data, or other websites under any circumstances, even if it’s one we think you may potentially be interested in hearing from. That means no one has unauthorised access to your information.

Nor will we, at any time, transfer your personal information to another country, again under any circumstances.

We gather information for our own purposes only, for example to help us improve services.

However, if you choose to access demo games from the UK we may share your information with One Account Mobile Limited (1account) for them to verify that you meet the minimum age requirements as determined by relevant UK age restriction legislation. You can find information about 1account and how they manage your personal data by visiting their website:

How long will you keep my data for?

We won’t hold on to your information for any longer than necessary. In any event, whatever the reason for your contact, we won’t hold on to your details for more than 36 months maximum, unless you continue to be a subscriber to Roger.

What are my rights in all this?

Concerns over data handling

If you have any concerns or issues over data handling or processing, you are entitled to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can do that here.


Tick boxes:

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  2. I do not accept the use of cookies

Withdrawing consent

You may withdraw your specific consent to our use of your data at any time by contacting us via the details given at the top of this policy. Just let us know you wish to opt out.

With each newsletter we mail out, there is a chance to unsubscribe on every communication. Bear in mind that if you withdraw consent, it is still legal for us to hold and use your personal information until you do so.

Remember you can also clear browsing data and existing cookies after any browsing session on a PC or mobile device if you want to clear cookies, whether you're visiting web pages on Google Chrome, the Edge browser or anything else. This will delete your browsing history and delete existing cookies.

Please be in touch if you need further information regarding privacy and cookies or the types of cookies we use. And if you use multiple sites for your gaming, check out the cookie code and request the same information from other providers. Make sure they are also following UK cookie laws and protecting your personally identifiable information.

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