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Please read our T&Cs carefully. If you are not in agreement with them, please refrain from using our website

Terms and conditions of using this website

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and ensure you have understood their contents. If there is anything you do not agree with, or do not understand, stop using this website. Please contact us if you have any queries about this policy –it’s also worth checking this page occasionally to be sure you’re still happy with the terms and conditions under which you are using Roger.com.

These points apply to all gaming carried out via any mobile device or app. For the avoidance of doubt, Roger is referred to here as ‘we’ or ‘us’, and ‘our’, while those who are registered account holders or those who use our website are referred to as ‘you’, ‘yours’ or ‘the player’ or ‘the user’. Our terms and conditions apply across all platforms and devices used to access Roger.com.

We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions as required from time to time for various reasons. We let registered users know where there are significant policy changes. Continued use of Roger.com implies you agree to the revised terms and conditions, and any amendments become effective immediately. We also ask new users to read and understand the terms and conditions before registering with Roger.com. Registration and use of our website signify that you have read and understood these terms and conditions, which apply immediately on registration.


Your duties

  1. You can only register one account with Roger. We reserve the right to delete any duplicate accounts. If we leave an account open, it will be the first one that you opened.
  2. You declare you are aged at least 18 – older if necessary to comply with gambling laws where you live if outside the UK. Under-age gambling is a criminal offence.
  3. You have sole responsibility for your own account details, including (but not limited to) your username and password. If you believe this information may have been compromised, let us know, and take action to stop wrongful access to your account. Don’t let anyone else access your Roger account. Any access a third party gains to your account are your liability.
  4. You are not allowed to use Roger.com on a third party’s behalf, only for yourself. We do not allow business accounts, and participation is on the basis of personal, non-professional recreation, for your own entertainment.
  5. You undertake not to use Roger.com from a territory where gambling is illegal, and declare that you are not resident in the United States. You have sole responsibility for determining you are accessing the website in accordance with applicable local laws.
  6. You undertake to provide us with correct personal details when you register. You verify that all information given to us, including (but not limited to) email addresses, are accurate. Let us know if any of your personal information changes. If we learn that the accuracy of any information has been deliberately concealed, we reserve the right to block your account.
  7. By playing games linked to from Roger.com, you acknowledge the potential risk involved of losing funds deposited into a provider account.

Your account

Inactive accounts

An account will be deemed ‘inactive’ if hasn’t been accessed for a full 12 consecutive months. We will contact you around one month before your account becomes inactive, giving you the chance to reactivate the account by logging in. If you do not respond, and the account continues to be inactive, we will deactivate it after the full 12 months have elapsed.

Responsible gaming

While most gambling is trouble-free, for a minority of players it can start to become problematic. At Roger, we’re supporters of responsible gaming and keen to help where possible when this happens, mainly by signposting members to sources of professional help.

Dispute resolution and complaints procedure

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your dealings with Roger.com, you are welcome to email us on hello@roger.com, and we’ll escalate as appropriate, and do everything we can to resolve the matter internally. We will also aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, while keeping complainants reasonably informed while the process is ongoing. Where UK-based customers are not happy the complaint has been resolved within eight weeks of making it, there is the option to use the services of the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

Limitation of liability

  1. Your participation in gaming via sites listed on Roger.com is at your choice and discretion, and at your own risk. You also undertake to play such games for recreational purposes only.
  2. We do not guarantee that games are always fit for purpose, or free from error, or interruption. We cannot be held liable for any expenses, loss, costs or damage arising from your participation in websites and games accessed via Roger.com. In accordance with the law, our maximum liability in connection with use of websites accessed via Roger.com shall not exceed £100.
  3. None of the information displayed on our pages should be taken as professional advice of any kind. We cannot be held liable for any errors or inaccuracies contained therein.

Intellectual property

  1. Roger.com (UK) Limited is the sole holder of copyright, intellectual property and other rights associated with its software. You may not copy, distribute, publish, sell or otherwise make our software available to a third party. Our logo, trademarks and domain name, as well as the pictures and graphics displayed on our website, belong to Roger.com (UK) Limited and are protected by copyright, and similar intellectual property rights.
  2. Our trademarks and website cannot be used without express prior consent in writing, under any circumstances.
  3. At the same time, you undertake not to harm any of our intellectual property rights, or damage the image of the Roger brand or those associated with it in any way.

Breaches, penalties and termination

If you either breach any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions, or we have reasonable ground to suspect that you may have breached them, we retain the right to suspend or terminate your account. You agree that Roger.com will be the final decision maker of whether the terms and conditions have indeed been violated. Any delay in enforcing these rights under our terms and conditions does not imply we are waiving them. We are not liable for any breach arising from circumstances we cannot reasonably be expected to control.


If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be illegal or unenforceable, it will be severed, however all other provisions contained within the terms and conditions will remain in force, and will not be affected by the severance.


We retain the right to assign or transfer this agreement; however, you do not enjoy this right.

Entire agreement

These terms and conditions represent the complete agreement between you and Roger.com regarding the use of our website. Except in cases of fraud, this agreement supersedes all other communications, written, oral electronic, between you and Roger.com.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any legal claim or dispute which arises in connection with these contractual terms will be settled in accordance with UK law.

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