10 Megaways Slots from Pragmatic Play You Have to Try in 2024

10 Megaways Slots from Pragmatic Play You Have to Try in 2024

Megaways slots rank among the most sought-after online slots, acclaimed for their dynamic gameplay and substantial win potential. Pragmatic Play, a leading name in providing Megaways slots, is noted for its innovative bonus features and superb graphics.

2024 introduces 10 exciting new Megaways slot releases from Pragmatic Play, each a must-try for enthusiasts. These slots are loaded with features ranging from cascading reels to endless opportunities for free spin retriggers.

We guide you through the reasons these 10 Megaways slots from Pragmatic Play should be on your radar this year.

What are Megaways slots?

Megaways slots represent a unique category of online slot games, renowned for their innovative reel mechanism that creates a dynamic and engaging playing experience. As of 2024, they are among the top choices for online slots for real money.

The hallmark of a Megaways slot is its variable symbols on each reel with every spin. This variation leads to a vast range of winning possibilities, often ranging from 243 to a staggering 117,649 Megaways (winning combinations).

👀 Unlike traditional slots with fixed paylines, this multitude of winning ways means potential payouts can reach impressive heights.

While the core principle of matching symbols from left to right remains, the constantly changing reel layout in Megaways slots adds an intriguing twist to the classic slot game format.

How Megaways slots differ from regular slots

Whilst traditional slots have a fixed layout with set paylines, Megaways break the mould with “varying reels”.

  • Megaways slots revolutionise the traditional fixed layout of regular slots by offering varying reel sizes.
  • Unlike regular slots with set paylines, Megaways slots reward players for aligning symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the left.
  • Each spin in a Megaways slot can present 2 to 7 symbols per reel, unlocking thousands of potential winning combinations, a stark contrast to the unchanging grid of regular slots.
  • Winning symbols in Megaways slots are replaced by new ones cascading down, potentially setting off a series of rewarding chain reactions. This feature is notably absent in regular slots.
  • Enhanced with dynamic features like tumbling reels and unlimited multipliers, Megaways slots offer a more vibrant gameplay experience compared to the more static nature of regular slots.
  • The Megaways mechanic introduces a high volatility and exhilarating gaming experience, expanding the win potential far beyond what regular slots typically offer.

Now, let's explore the top 10 Megaways slot releases from Pragmatic Play that you should check out!

1. Blazing Wilds Megaways

Kicking off our list is Blazing Wilds Megaways, a slot with a vibrant and fiery theme. This game features a dynamic 6-reel setup where reel sizes shift with each spin, offering a diverse gaming experience. High-value symbols in this slot include rings, diamonds, and gold bars.

A standout feature of Blazing Wilds Megaways is the transformation of wild symbols. Any wilds appearing on the reels can convert symbols above them into additional wilds, each accompanied by a random multiplier.

This can lead to the exciting possibility of landing multiple stacked wilds in a single spin, paving the way for substantial wins.

To activate the free spins feature, players need to land at least 4 scatter symbols. This round can grant up to 25 free spins, and landing 3 lady symbols triggers a retrigger and increases the multiplier, enhancing the winning potential.

Blazing Wilds Megaways

2. Floating Dragon New Year Festival Ultra Megaways Hold & Spin

Get ready for a fun Chinese New Year theme in this Megaways slot. You'll see golden toads, lanterns and red envelopes on the reels. There are 3 unlocked rows on top of the standard 6 reels to add extra excitement.

The Hold & Spin bonus is one of the highlights here. You get 3 respins, and each cash prize resets the spins. The cash prizes can be as high as 2000x your bet! And you're guaranteed at least 20x your bet in the bonus.

There's also a free spins round unlocked by 3+ scatters and offering up to 25 free spins. You need 3 lady symbols for a retrigger and a rising multiplier up to 10x.

Floating Dragon New Year Festival Ultra Megaways Hold &Amp; Spin

3. The Money Men Megaways

Third on our list is The Money Men Megaways, a slot with a dazzling theme centered around wealth. The reels are adorned with symbols like gold jewellery, luxury cars, and boomboxes. In the base game, wildcard symbols are key, as they can activate thrilling random modifiers.

These modifiers have the potential to add extra wilds or mystery symbols to the reels, ramping up the excitement.

The free spins round in The Money Men Megaways comes with an added twist: any wilds appearing are certain to trigger these random modifiers before winning combinations are removed.

Additionally, these wilds can either grant 2 extra free spins or boost the multiplier by up to 3x, significantly enhancing the chances of striking it big.

The Money Men Megaways

4. Book of Tut Megaways

Slot number four on our list is Book of Tut Megaways, which transports you to the mystique of ancient Egypt, complete with symbols such as ankhs, pyramids, and pharaoh masks. A distinctive feature in the base game is the ability for a random symbol to expand, covering an entire reel, which can lead to significant wins.

To enter the free spins round in Book of Tut Megaways, you need to land 3 or more scatters, which rewards you with 10 free spins. During these spins, one symbol is selected to serve as the expanding symbol for the entire round.

Additionally, landing just 3 more scatters during the bonus grants another set of 10 free spins.

Players have the option to enhance their chances of triggering the bonus round by opting for the ante bet in the base game, an added strategy for those seeking more excitement.

Book Of Tut Megaways

5. Big Bass Hold & Spinner Megaways

Fifth in our lineup is Big Bass Hold & Spinner Megaways, which revives the much-loved fishing theme. Players can enjoy matching fishing gear and equipment across more than 100,000 winning ways.

Each win activates the thrilling tumble feature, where winning symbols vanish, and new ones cascade into their place.

A standout aspect of this slot is the unlimited free spin retriggers available in the bonus round.

Furthermore, the Hold & Spin feature offers 3 spins, with each win resetting the spin count and doling out instant cash prizes, adding to the excitement of the game.

Big Bass Hold &Amp; Spinner Megaways

6. Rocket Blast Megaways

Next up at number six is Rocket Blast Megaways, a cosmic-themed Megaways offering. This game propels players into an interstellar adventure, with aliens and gems zipping across its 6 reels.

Expanding wilds are a key element, enhancing the gameplay experience.

The excitement soars when you land 4 or more scatters, as this launches you into the free spins round. A standout feature of Rocket Blast Megaways is the rocket symbol.

When it lands, it turns the symbols it touches into locked wilds. These wilds then nudge down with each tumble, accumulating more wilds above until the spin concludes.

This feature offers a substantial potential for wins, making it a thrilling aspect of the game.

Rocket Blast Megaways

7. Power of Merlin Megaways

Seventh on our list is Power of Merlin Megaways, a slot steeped in the enchantment of Arthurian legends. The game is enhanced by the familiar tumble feature, where winning symbols vanish and are replaced by new ones cascading from above.

A key highlight is the expanding fiery wild, which can appear during any spin, adding an element of surprise. Additionally, the Lightning Bolt feature can randomly transform symbols into extra wilds, elevating the potential for wins.

Entering the free spins round requires landing 4 or more scatters. Once there, players have the option to gamble their free spins, offering the chance to increase their total.

Notably, the multiplier in this round escalates by 1x with every tumble, with no upper limit, adding to the excitement and win potential of this magical slot.

Power Of Merlin Megaways

8. Wild Celebrity Bus Megaways

Eighth on the list is Wild Celebrity Bus Megaways, a perfect choice for enthusiasts of celebrity culture, set against a vibrant London backdrop.

The slot features symbols like paparazzi, showbiz stars, and iconic double-decker buses, spread over 6 dynamic reels. To embark on the bonus round in this celebrity-filled slot, players need to land 4 or more scatters.

This triggers the award of 8 initial free spins, each accompanied by a multiplier that can escalate up to 10x. Landing an additional two scatters during this round grants 5 extra spins, enhancing the chances of a high-profile win.

Wild Celebrity Bus Megaways

9. Wild Wild Riches Megaways

Ninth in our selection is Wild Wild Riches Megaways, a slot infused with the charm of the Irish. It features classic symbols such as harps, mushrooms, and pints of beer, each offering the potential for instant cash prizes.

👀 An intriguing aspect of this game is the chance to win jackpot prizes through the instant cash rewards triggered by the first two reels.

To activate the bonus round, players need to land wilds on the first two reels along with a bonus symbol on the third reel.

Once in the bonus round, there's an opportunity to gamble your way to a maximum of 20 free spins, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Irish-themed adventure.

Wild Wild Riches Megaways

10. Mammoth Gold Megaways

Concluding our list at number ten is Mammoth Gold Megaways, a slot that takes you on a journey to the Ice Age. The game features symbols like woolly mammoths, sabre-tooth tigers, and wolves, set against a backdrop of over 100,000 ways to win.

A unique aspect of this slot is that each tumble win during gameplay increases the multiplier for the bonus round.

In the realm of free spins, Mammoth Gold Megaways offers the option to gamble your initial free spins, providing an opportunity to increase your total spins.

The bonus round is particularly exciting due to the rising multiplier, which significantly enhances the potential for striking mammoth-sized wins.

Mammoth Gold Megaways

Additionally, for those keen to explore further, other Megaways slots like Monopoly Megaways also offer a thrilling gaming experience.


In conclusion and to summarise our article on Megaways slots to watch for in 2024.

  • Revolutionary Format: Megaways slots represent a groundbreaking development in the online slot arena, featuring a dynamic reel structure.
  • Dynamic Paylines: These games differ from traditional slots by varying the number of symbols on each reel with every spin, replacing fixed paylines.
  • Increased Winning Ways: The innovative design significantly boosts winning possibilities, often surpassing 100,000 different ways to win.
  • Unpredictability and Excitement: The core appeal of Megaways slots lies in their unpredictability and the unique thrill each spin offers.
  • Additional Features: They often include cascading reels, where winning symbols are replaced, enabling consecutive wins, as well as free spin rounds, multipliers, and special wilds.
  • Diverse Development: Various developers produce Megaways slots, all licensed by Big Time Gaming, the original inventor of the Megaways mechanism.
  • Growing Popularity: Their increasing popularity is a testament to their ability to continuously engage players with new, varied gameplay experiences, making each session distinct and exhilarating.
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