Lincoln Racecourse

Lincoln Racecourse

The Lincoln Racecourse started out as part of the State Fairgrounds in Lincoln, Nebraska. It had an open-air grandstand initially, but it went under numerous renovations over the years and has now been moved to a new site.

Racing has been taking place at the Lincoln Racecourse since the 1940s. It went through a lot of financial and legal troubles over the past few decades, seemingly closing forever in 2012. However, this proved not to be the case in the end as a new track was built down the road.

Lincoln Racecourse Ticket Prices

There was free general admission for the most part as the Lincoln Racecourse opened for the first time its longer track. The plan going forward is to keep the entry costs as low as possible, with the plan being to re-invigorate the racing scene in the state for many years to come.

Course Details

As a number of race tracks in Nebraska closed down during recent years, the racing calendar at the Lincoln Racecourse was altered. This saw races mainly taking place between the end of spring and the late summer. This is sandwiched in between the racing that takes place at Fonner and in Columbus.

The new Lincoln Racecourse held its first race in November 2019. It is a dirt track that is seven-eighths of a mile in length, replacing the temporary quarter-mile track that was in place while development was finishing. While initially there are only two race meetings in the calendar the plan is to gradually expand this as time goes on.

Tactics to Consider

There has not been enough racing taking place at the new Lincoln Racecourse to determine any particular tactics that will stand horses in good stead when it comes to betting.

Track History

Initially, the track was located at the State Fairgrounds. These days, there is a modern two-floored grandstand as well as a simulcast area that is open 363 days a year. Racing first started in the area in the 1940s, initially, the track was called State Fair Park.

It was in 2012 when it looked like the track was going to have to close forever. This was when it was renamed as the Lincoln Racecourse and the last supposed race was on July 8. The reason for this was because the owner's lease was up on the report and the University of Nebraska was planning to use the site to create new facilities for the school.

One last race was held in 2013, called the “frozen tundra race” as it took place on a frozen track while the site around the three horses was being torn apart. This race only lasted thirteen seconds but it allowed simulcast wagering to still take place in 2013. Down the road from this site, the new Lincoln Racecourse has been developed.

While it was still being developed in 2015, a similar race to the frozen tundra race took place to allow the site to start offering simulcast betting. This took place over a single furlong. The new track was set to open in September 2019, but it was delayed until November.

Biggest Races

While there were some notable races taking place at the old Lincoln Racecourse back in the day, these are no more. For the past few years, only one or two tiny races have been taking place at the track as the development of the new course has been continuing.

The only reason for these small races was to ensure that simulcast betting was allowable at the facility. As time goes on, the new track will hold more and more race days. The hope is that some notable races and traditions can be created at Lincoln Racecourse in order to boost the sport in Nebraska.

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