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Rugby Union is an extremely popular sport across the world, with the profile of the game constantly expanding. It still is a dominant sport in certain pockets of the world, such as New Zealand. It is a fast-paced and physical sport, with the end to end action providing a great space for sports betting.

Rugby Union Major Events

World Cup

The Rugby World Cup takes place every four years, with its venue changing each time. It will see the best international teams come together and battle it out to be crowned as world champion. It is always a hard-fought tournament with many surprises along the way. It usually takes place in the autumn.

Six Nations

The Six Nations is a competition that is made up of teams in Europe. Each year, the teams are Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, France and Italy. This takes place in the later winter and early spring months each year. It is always a fiercely competitive tournament with no quarters given.

Rugby Championship

Formerly known as the Tri-Nations Championship, the Rugby Championship is made up of New Zealand, Austria, South Africa and Argentina. It takes place in the late summer months and spills over into the early months of autumn. Many fierce rivalries take place during this event, with extremely competitive games usually being the norm.


How to play

Types of Rugby Union Sports Betting Odds

There are any different Rugby Union markets thanks to the countless aspects of the sport. Some of the traditional markets are still the most popular, such as match winner markets, handicap betting and try-scorer markets. The margin of victory markets is also a fan favourite, with more and more innovative markets being added every so often.

Prop betting has become a more popular thing, with a lot of sports betting sites giving you the ability to focus in on an individual player and bet on how many tackles they made or how many penalties they gave away in a game for example.

Important Rugby Union Betting Terms

There are certain terms that you may come across when betting on Rugby Union that you may not understand. Here are a few of the more popular terms that may cause you an issue.

  • Draw No Bet – This is a betting market that allows you to get your stake back on a game-winner bet if the fixture ends in a draw.
  • Prop Betting – With rugby union, you can bet on individual players scoring a certain amount of points or hitting other benchmarks in a given game through prop betting.
  • Ante-Post Betting – This sees you betting in advance of an upcoming tournament on the team that you think will win a given competition, such as the Six Nations.

Tips for Betting on Rugby Union

Perhaps the best way to make sure that you profit over time through betting in rugby union is constantly brushing up on your knowledge about given teams and players.

By being well informed as to what players are going well, which are struggling with injuries and keeping an eye on team lineups, you can identify potential value in prices that have not been factored in by those setting these odds.

One of the most popular ways to bet on Rugby Union is through live betting, This is because of the constant action. If you are very familiar with rugby, then you can spot certain ebbs and flows in a game that can help you figure out what the margin of victory might be or if a comeback is on the cards.

Rugby Union Sports Betting and Offers

Rugby Union is an exhilarating sport with many different aspects to it. This makes it an ideal sport to place bets on, as there are countless different markets for you to choose from. Bettors love having options and flexibly such as this.

At, you will find all of the leading sports betting sites for Rugby Union reviewed in an unbiased and objective manner. This will allow you to see which option is an optimal fit for what you are looking for.


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