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Betting online can be great fun but you need to know when to call it a day if the fun comes to an end

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For the vast majority of online gamblers, their play is a hobby which gives them pleasure, may sometimes earn them a bit of extra money and is generally fun. Crucially, most players – again, the overwhelming majority – know when to stop betting.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone. For some, their play may have reached the point where it’s problematic, even potentially addictive.

The good news

is that we now know more about problem gaming than ever, and the industry is more responsive to the issues involved. Equally, it’s now more possible to contain your online gaming yourself with self-restrictive measures such as setting limits on how much time you spend on a particular website or a maximum wager.

There are many sources of help and information – especially from the likes of leading UK charity GambleAware, which we discuss in much more detail in this article.

At Roger, our policy is clear. We applaud industry-wide efforts to tackle problem gambling, including initiatives such as When the fun stops, and believe strongly in responsible gaming. Betting online should, after all, be an enjoyable, sometimes exciting, activity, not a compulsion.

We’re also grateful to live in a country where the industry is so well regulated. So, while we’re unable to provide support ourselves, we’re very happy to point people in the right direction, and signpost where help is available. And we’d encourage anyone who thinks their gambling may be problematic to take action and talk to someone. Do it sooner rather than later, before you really do have a problem on your hands.

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