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Better Odds Bingo

Are you someone who is willing to pay as much as you need to in order to stand a chance of winning a highly unlikely jackpot?

Or, are you simply a player who wants everyone in their game to be operating on a level playing field?

Well, if the latter describes you then Better Odds Bingo, or ‘BOB’ games from Mecca is exactly the right game for you.

In any Better Odds Bingo game room, there will be a maximum of just 25 players.

Furthermore, those 25 players can each purchase only the same number of tickets, meaning everyone in the room has exactly the same statistical chance of landing a full house.

Tickets are 0.05 coins each although everyone has 10, so it’s 0.50 coins to play in total, with the first to knock off 10 numbers from their card in a 50-ball game being the winner. Simple!

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