What Are the Various Types of Online Bingo Games?

What Are the Various Types of Online Bingo Games?

Bingo has been a popular pastime for many people across the world for many decades. Land-based bingo halls have traditionally been the meeting points for bingo players. These centres allow local communities to come together and enjoy the bingo playing experience in the same room.

As technology has advanced, online bingo became a possibility. While in the beginning days, online bingo sites were quite basic, they have expanded significantly in recent years. Most sites will now offer all sorts of great bingo variants that carry special features.

This means that the typical bingo player is going to have. A lot more flexibility about the types of games they are playing as opposed to if they were going to a land-based bingo hall.

This guide will walk you through some of the most popular types of online bingo games that you will come across today.

Online Bingo Games

90-Ball Bingo

Perhaps the most common type of online bingo game that you will come across will be 90-Ball variants. These are also the types of games that are most popular at land-based bingo halls.

In all, there are 90 balls going to be in the pot at the start of each game. There will be three rows as part of each card, each of which will contain 5 numbers. Therefore, a card will normally have a total of 15 numbers.

There are three different prizes on offer as part of a typical 90-Ball game. The first prize will be when a player manages to complete a single horizontal row. The next prize will be when a player manages to complete two horizontal rows.

Finally, a player will have a full house when they have matched every single number on their ticket. Usually, the full house prize will be the biggest that is available. If multiple players win the same prize in the same round, it will usually be split between them.

80-Ball Bingo

One of the games that have mainly been developed by online bingo operators is 80-Ball bingo. It has grown in popularity over the years. Usually, players will be shown a specific pattern before the game starts that will have to be completed in order to be the winner. A 4×4 card will be used for this game, containing a total of 16 numbers.

Some of the potential winning combinations include getting the four corners, specific numbers, vertical lines, and horizontal lines. As the patterns are always changing, it adds an extra bit of excitement to the playing experience.

75-Ball Bingo

After 90-Ball bingo, 75-Ball variants are the next most popular batch of online bingo games. It is particularly popular in the US market, but many UK players also enjoy these variants. The main goal will be to get a full house by matching all of the numbers on your card.

However, most variants will also have prizes if you match horizontal lines, vertical lines, and diagonal lines. There will be 24 numbers in total across the 5×5 card. The middle square will be kept blank. This type of bingo adds a bit more variety than the 90-Ball variants.

30-Ball Bingo

In the online environment, a lot of players like being able to play games as fast as possible. This has led to the development of games that are a lot quicker than most bingo variants.

As there are only 30 balls in the pot, the games will come to a climax a lot quicker than usual. Each card will have 9 numbers in total across the 3×3 grid. Usually, there will only be a prize for the player who gets a full house.

Jackpot Variants

Across the different types of bingo games, you will often come across variants that possess jackpot elements. These add another level of intrigue to the gameplay. These jackpots can be fixed to a certain amount or they can be progressive.

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If the latter is the case, this means that the jackpot will keep building the more that people buy tickets and the prize hasn’t been won.

There will also be community jackpots that will see everyone in the game getting an equal share of the prize, rather than just a single player. The usual way to trigger a jackpot is by getting a full house within a certain amount of calls.


There are plenty of different online bingo games to keep you interested. If you prefer a faster game, the 30-Ball variant is for you, while others prefer jackpots variants or classic 90-Ball games. To play these different variants, you can check out the expert reviews on Roger.com of the best online bingo sites in the world today.

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