A Guide to the English National League North

A Guide to the English National League North

The English National League North was previously known as the Conference North and is part of the National League of England. Its position in this system is directly below the English National League and alongside the English National League South.

In an overall context, it is in sixth place in terms of the hierarchies of English football. The teams that take part in the League are mainly from the Midlands, Norfolk and across the North of England. It has been called the English National League North since the 2015/2016 season.

The history

It was in 2004 that the English National League North first came into place in its current form. This was a part of the overall restructuring of league football across the nation for non-league teams. It has gone through a number of different sponsors through the years which had the naming rights to the league.

The North League has traditionally had 22 clubs taking part in the league each season. However, from the 2020/2021 season onwards there will be 24 teams playing.

The extra two teams will be achieved by relegating two teams in the 2019/2020 season and promoting four teams up to the English National League North.

Most of the clubs that take part in the English National League North are semi-professional.

How it works

The English National League is the main league in non-league football. There are two teams each year promoted from this league up into English League 2. Then there will be two clubs relegated down to the North League each year.

Just like most forms of league football, there will be three points awarded when a team wins a game, one point when there is a draw and no points if there is a loss. Each team will play each other twice during the course of the season, one game being at home and the other game being an away fixture.

Promotion and relegation

There are two teams that get promoted each year from the English National League North up to the National League. The winner of the English National League North will automatically get promoted. For the teams that finish in 2nd to 7th position in the table will then battle it out for a final promotion spot through a playoff series.

The teams that get relegated from the National League will get into the respective English National League North or English National League South leagues depending mainly on the club’s geographical situation. The final decision for which teams goes into which league will be down to the NLS Committee.

For those teams that are at the foot of the table, there will be three teams that have to be relegated. These will then go into the Step 3 leagues in the Northern Premier League. These teams that get relegated will be replaced with promoted teams from these lower leagues.

There are some financial and facility requirements that have to be met in order for English National League North to get promoted. If these standards cannot be met then there will be no promotion taking place, with another team getting the place instead.

Betting on the English National League North

While a lot of people may be surprised to hear, there actually is betting available on the English National League North. This showcases the breadth of choice you now have in terms of betting on football across England. Every single professional league is catered for in terms of bets.

You are not just confined to single bets either, there is usually an array of different markets open for you to bet on for these games. These include the likes of:

  • correct score
  • both teams to score
  • over/under goals
  • half time/full time
  • double chance
  • draw no bet

Therefore, you do have a bit of variety in terms of your betting choices. As this is non-league football, people who are passionate fans can often get an edge on those who are making the odds for these English National League North game.

This is because the odds compilers in most cases will not have a massive amount of knowledge about players and teams. Therefore, you can take advantage of potential value when it arises.

Bet now on the English National League North.

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