Your Guide to Betting on the English National League South

The English National League South was previously known as the Conference South. It has also gone through a number of name sponsors over the years. Some of these sponsors include Blue Square, Skrill, Vanarama and Motorama.

Along with the North League, it is part of the second-tier of non-league football in England under the organization of the National League.

In all, the English National League South is the sixth-tier of the football league system in England. The teams that take part, for the most part, are semi-professional.

The history of the English National League South

The formation of the League came in 2004 as part of a total restructuring of the non-league system in England. Traditionally, there have been 22 teams that take part in the English National League South each season. However, this will be rising to 24 teams in the 2020/2021 season.

To achieve this new sum of teams, there will be just two teams relegated from the English National League South table come to the end of the 2019/2020 season, with four teams getting promoted from the Step 3 league. From 2021 onward, there will be four teams that get relegated from the English National League South.

The format of the League

Just like with all-league football in England, there will be three points awarded to a team that wins a game, one point for a draw and no points if the team loses a game. There are 42 games each season at the moment in the English National League South, with each team playing every team one at home and once away during the season.

Whichever team finishes the year at the top of the table will be crowned the champion and will receive automatic promotion up to the National League. Then there is a play-off series that takes place between the teams that finish from 2nd to 7th in the English National League South.

These teams that get promoted to the National League will be replaced by teams that get relegated from the National League. These relegated teams will go to the English National League South or the English National League North depending mainly on their geographical location. The final decision as to which of these leagues these teams will go into is at the discretion of the NLS Committee.

There are often minimum standards for the finances and facilities of a club in order for it to get promoted. Often times in these lower leagues, the clubs cannot meet these standards and another team can get a shot instead at promotion. No team has ever managed to get all of the way from the League South to the Premier League.

As mentioned, from 2021 there will be the bottom four teams of the English National League South table getting relegated.

Betting on the League games

A lot of people may be surprised to hear that you are able to place bets on the games. This is the case with most of the major bookmakers and those smaller sportsbooks that place a heavy emphasis on football betting. There is even a range of different markets, not just single winner markets. This gives you a more flexible approach to what you are trying to achieve.

Some of the other markets that are open for you to use include correct score, over/under goals, half time/full time, draw no bet and both teams to score.

The games are always closely fought, but can often have a lot of goals also. This makes for a lot of excitement and allows you to try to take advantage of the nice variety of different markets. Generally, the games are close-knit and physical games.

If you are a fan of the English National League South, you can often use your knowledge of the players and teams involved to your advantage when placing bets on these games. You will have an insight into what players are playing well and what teams may look like being in form on paper but in reality, are struggling.

The people who are setting the odds for the English National League South games a lot of the time will not have this level of knowledge on the players and teams involved in this league. Therefore, the odds being set won’t be as accurate and can often present good opportunities for you to take advantage of.

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