A Guide to Premier League Betting

A Guide to Premier League Betting

The English Premier League (EPL) is known simply as the Premier League in England and it is the highest level of club soccer in the country. A lot of people argue that it is the premier domestic league competition for soccer teams across the world. Premier League betting is almost as popular as the football with many avid football fans enjoying a flutter on their favourite team.

The format of the Premier League

There are twenty teams that are part of the EPL each season. Three teams get relegated to the lower tier of football, the Championship each season, while three teams get promoted to the EPL.

As well as the allure of winning the EPL title and avoiding relegation, there are other incentives for doing well in the EPL each season. This incentive is in the form of entry to a major European competition. The biggest prize is the top four teams at the end of the EPL season gaining qualification into the group stages of the following season’s UEFA

Champions League

Depending on the outcomes of other competitions that also carry European competition qualification incentives, the 5th, 6th and 7th teams can qualify for the second-tier European competition, the Europa League.

The EPL season begins in August and runs all the way through Christmas and into May, without having a break. In total, each team will play 38 games each season. Naturally, this means that every team places each other twice, one game at home and one away.

Most of the games will take place at the weekends in order to cater to the domestic and European cup competitions that largely take place midweek.

Teams in the top flight of English Football

While Scotland has its own domestic league, Welsh teams join English teams in participating in the EPL. Since the EPL first started in 1992, a total of 49 clubs have battled it out for at least one season in the league. Of these teams, 47 of them were English, with the remaining two teams being Welsh.

Despite having been running for nearly 30 years, there have only ever been six teams that have won the EPL.

The cream generally rises to the top over the course of a 38 game season.

Only six teams have ever won the premier league

Viewership and attendance figures

The Premier League has the highest viewership figures out of all of the sports leagues across the globe. The games are broadcast in 212 different territories, having a total potential television audience in the region of 4.7 billion people.

Despite the massive viewership, the average attendance at games is behind that of teams in the German domestic soccer league – the Bundesliga. In the 2019/2019 season, the EPL had an average attendance per game of 38,181 in comparison to Bundesliga games that had an average attendance of 43,500 people per game.

Betting on the English Premier League

Premier League Betting is massively popular. In the United Kingdom, for example, football is far and away receives more money in wagers than any other sport.

With extensive previews, coverage and analysis of every single game that takes place during the season, bettors have a huge amount of data and information to go off when making their bets.

This also means that there are hundreds of different betting markets to choose from for every single game. You have all of the popular markets such as outright betting, handicap betting and goalscorer markets. Then you have the more niche types of markets such as which team will win the first corner or how many throw-ins a team will get in the given game.

The abundance of markets is not just there pre-game, you also have a lot of options when it comes to live betting.

Sportsbooks pour a lot of resources into their betting offerings for EPL games, particularly in Europe. There are usually special promotions each weekend offering the likes of enhanced odds and free bets on these games. Availing of these offers is a great way to boost your profitability.

Summing up

There is no doubting the high-profile of the Premier League. The best football players in the world want to compete in this league, testing their talents against the best of the best. Of course, the lucrative wages are also enticing.

EPL teams have passionate fan bases from both home and abroad, which creates an amazing atmosphere at games. This translates across television sets. With the extensive coverage for EPL games, having the ability to place bets on countless markets enhances the viewing experience even further. Bet now on the English Premier League.

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